What Are Stem Cells And Why Everyone Is Talking About This Wonder Treatment Method?

Stem Cell Treatment :Types,Diseases and Conditions

What Are Stem Cells And Why Everyone Is Talking About This Wonder Stem Cells Treatment Method?

Do know why Stem cell Treatment in India is so much in demand these days?

Not only Indians but the worldwide population is talking about the amazing benefits of stem cell therapy. The ratio of Stem cell preservation is increasing to a great extent. This therapy is like a blessing to cure a wide range of diseases.

All of us have heard about stem cell transplant, but probably most of us don’t know about what are stem cells, why we should go for more and more stem cell preservation, what are its types, name of diseases in which stem cell treatment will help, and many other questions are still unknown.

This piece of the blog will give us complete information about Stem Cell transplant that we all should know.

1. Important Facts about stem cell treatment :

  1. It was 30 years ago when the very first cord blood stem cell transplant was done successfully.
  2. Since then there are many ground-breaking stem cell utilization has taken place.
  3. Doctors can use Stem cell therapy to treat not less than 80 diseases. This list includes type1 diabetes, leukemia, sickle cell anemia, multiple sclerosis, stroke, Crohn’s disease, autism and many types of cancer.

2. What are stem cells and uses of stem cells in treating various diseases?

The stem cell is those biological cells that do not have any special role and can easily become or differentiate into any cell that our body needs. it can divide for producing many more similar types of stem cells.

Stem Cell Treatment :Types,Diseases and Conditions

Most importantly- They have a unique ability to turn into n-number of other types of cells.

Important uses of stem cells:

  • In addressing, identifying or curing the genetic defects in our cells.
  • To correct the specific parts/ organs that are not functioning properly.
  • To grow new cells and to replace the defective or damage body tissues or organs.
  • Researchers also use it to study the cause of cancer cell development and division.
  • To test new medicines effectively and safely.

3.Types of Stem cells:

Stem cells are basically classified into 4 types and are used differently. They are further classified into Totipotent, Pluripotent, Multipotent, oligopotent and Unipotent. Have a look.

  •  Embryonic stem cells- These are the most potent cells because they can become or give rise to almost every type of cell of our body. They are Pluripotent stem cells. its preservation takes place in the laboratory, instead of the female body. The process is known as In-Vitro Fertilization.
  •  Non-embryonic (adult) stem cells- Unlike its name, these type of stem cells are found in developed organs and tissues of the infants as well as the children. Our body uses it for repairing as well as replacing damage tissues, that too in the same place. For example, in bone marrow, we can find the hematopoietic stem cells (a type of adult stem cell). The bone marrow transplant is nothing but a stem cell transplant where doctors use hematopoietic stem cells for cancer treatment.
  •  Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs)- Adult stem cells can be turned into pluripotent stem cells and this new type of cells are known as Induced pluripotent stem cells. Many researchers are still going on to see other ways to safely produce iPSCs. We can also use this to prevent our immune system that keeps rejecting the organ transplants.
  • Cord blood stem cells and amniotic fluid stem cells- You must have heard about stem cell preservation from the umbilical cord of new-born child. Cells are actually harvested immediately after the birth, it is then sent to stem cell banks for preservation by freezing them to a certain temperature. Very effective for treating blood cancers like leukemia, genetic disorders (blood disorders), etc.

Stem Cell Treatment :Types,Diseases and Conditions

Stem cell for knees has become quite common. It actually a minimally invasive procedure used for halting the progression of the arthritic damage, to decrease the inflammation, for repairing joint cartilage, and you can easily avoid any knee surgery.

Hence, as we know the uses of stem cells, we should go for more and more stem cell preservation because it can save our many generations from life-threatening diseases. Many mothers are choosing to preserve the Cord blood stem cells and amniotic fluid stem cells. This is a good sign and as a result, stem cell therapy cost in India is also becoming within reach of the common man.

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