Jiyo India - FAQ
Privilege is simply an exemption in the total bill (OPD/IPD/Health Packages) offered to the Jiyo members.
Jiyo Members are the individuals registered with Jiyo India. You have to get registered with Jiyo India online to become a member.
Jiyo members can get the privilege by visiting our website and clicking the option of “Get The Code” there.
You need to choose the particular service from the website and then click the option for getting the code. An OTP will be sent on your registered mobile number which you have to put in the required column and thereafter you can get the Jiyo Code.
It is valid for 3 business days.
You have to visit our website and click “Get Registered” column there. Thereafter you have to fill in your personal details like name, phone number, email id etc and you will be registered with us as our prestigious Jiyo Members.
Yes, the other members of your family can also get registered with us and become the member.
It is not possible because we have a very strong IT base. However, if it happens then you may call us straight away and we will help you out.
We have the top and renowned hospitals of Delhi-NCR empanelled with us so there are no chances of any negligence to the patients. Nevertheless if you face certain issues, you can inform the hospital customer grievance section/helpdesk immediately and also you can share the feedback on our website.