Dental Care

Jiyo India takes pleasure in providing you links to the best dental care options available in Delhi / NCR. The below mentioned hospital chains and their branches will be somewhere near your location. You can avail Jiyo membership facilities at any of these:

  • Fortis Hospital
  • Jaypee Hospital
  • Kailash Hospital and Heart Institute
  • Metro Hospital and Heart Institute
  • Medanta
  • Asian Hospital
  • IBS Hospital
  • Primus Super Specialty Hospital
  • Apollo Clinics
  • Artemis Health Institute
  • Max Clinics
  • BLK Super Speciality Hospital

1- Dental Implant

Jiyo India has excellent list of service providers in the form of hospitals and clinics that would keep your dental implant anxiety at bay. You can be assured that you would be getting the best people in the dental care industry of Delhi /NCR region who can take good care of both young as well as geriatric patients.

2- Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening sometimes becomes necessary when stains on the teeth are too stubborn to go away with home remedies only. In most of the cases, excessive use of coffee, tea, sports drink etc. lead to the necessity of teeth whitening. Our empanelled dentistry care hospitals and clinics would give you best teeth whitening cost effective solutions. To escape huge teeth whitening cost, it is always advisable to get the teeth whitened once at regular intervals depending upon extent of stains.

3- Teeth Cleaning

We need clinic based teeth cleaning to prevent loss of tooth, to keep our gums healthy and to prevent diseases in the rest of our bodies. Teeth cleaning help in removing tartar and plaque that might have got built up. Tartar and plaque does harm to the entire mouth to which teeth is an integral part. Teeth cleanings in professional set-up at regular intervals help in keeping harm in control.

4- Pediatric Dental Care

This is a very significant specialty of dental health care for infants and children. At this stage children need the most special dental care as they are the highest consumers of sweetened foods and beverages. Our list of facilities has highly efficient pediatric dentists who are qualified to deal with children and their dental health in the most pleasant way. They provide fillings for primary teeth, preventive care for cleft lip and palate of children, management of traumatic injuries in children, pediatric root canal therapy and minor orthodontic correction in the most professional manner.
We ensure that you will be getting the best dental care treatments in the Delhi NCR region through Jiyo India.

We have prestigious and specialized hospitals empanelled with us and our Jiyo members can take the advantage of the privilege while availing the services.