IPD Admission

Clinic Consultation

Whichever hospital and its branch you choose to get yourself or your loved one admitted into, you will get a hassle free admission. There is dedicated admission staff who would help you get answers to all your queries and that too in the most patient manner. He / she will provide you guidance in the area of room selection. You can have the best room available in your designated budget with the help of these patient friendly staff.

Apart from this, all your other queries related to hospital charges, mode of payment, billing etc. would be answered in the friendliest manner. We ensure that as an esteemed member of Jiyo India you get the services of the best hospital consultants so that your journey right from IPD admission to final discharge from the hospital is easy and hassle free.

It is advisable if you get an estimate of the surgery and other costs like hospital room charges that would get incurred during your stay, along with information whether food is complimentary or not and if it is complimentary for the mother if a child has got admitted during the time of IPD admission.

Though the hospital consultants are thorough professionals who give you information about each and every aspect of hospital stay, still in case you feel there is gap in information, you can ask additional information to avoid any shocks or surprises later.

Even if you are a corporate client and your expenditure of hospital would be incurred by the organization you are working in, and the entire liaison is between a dedicated staff of your organization and the hospital consultant, still you need to clarify doubts if there are any in your mind during the IPD admission. You might feel like opting for a bed whose charges are higher than what you are entitled to then you should have complete clarity on the difference amount to be paid during IPD admission itself.

If you are opting for cashless IPD admission you should be aware of the documents that would be required. In other forms of IPD admission too you need to be aware of the documents required so that if you yourself are getting admitted then your family need not suffer in searching the papers here and there at a later stage.

You should also be aware of refund policies of the hospitals because this is something that hospital consultants might not tell you. Discharge procedures and details of that hospital need to be clear to you so that you have a rough idea of all the general guidelines during the time of IPD admission.