10 Effective Ways For Oral Cancer Prevention

Reduce the risk of oral cancer and stay safe!

Whenever oral health is talked about, we usually restrict ourselves to brushing twice a day and taking care of our teeth, regular visits to the dentists, checking for cavities, and so forth. What we do not look at, is the Oral Cancer Prevention and the risk of developing oral, or mouth cancer. Any cancerous growth located in the oral cavity is known as oral cancer. It may lead to permanent injuries, and in some cases, death.

Mouth cancer can happen to anyone, but around three-fourths of the cases of oral cancer in India can be attributed to identifiable behaviors such as tobacco intake and drinking. Oral cancer treatment in almost all cases is difficult and does not guarantee survival. So, why not rid ourselves of the worry of succumbing to cancer of the mouth? Prevention is better than cure, isn’t it?

Here are 10 proven ways by which oral cancer can be prevented, to the best of one’s abilities :

1. Oral cancer prevention starts with comprehensive oral care 

Preventing infections and other oral diseases is what leads to the ultimate prevention of mouth cancers. Long-term diseases or missing teeth could later become a home to the most devastating of oral cancers. We all know that oral cancer surgery, or for that matter, any type of cancer surgery has no guarantee of being successful, so why wait?

10 Effective Ways For Oral Cancer Prevention2. Do your research

Check online for any symptoms that you may have been experiencing. Mouth and oral cancers are, even in the later stages, treatable, therefore, it is never too late to pay a visit to the cancer hospital and ask the oncologist for advice.

10 Effective Ways For Oral Cancer Prevention

3. Visit the dentist regularly

This is a follow up from the oral hygiene point. Having regular dental check-ups helps you to keep your oral condition in check, and identify any symptoms, diseases or infections that may lead to oral cancer in the later stages. Dentists are very often the first to notice potentially dangerous cancer growths.

10 Effective Ways For Oral Cancer Prevention

4. Steer clear of tobacco, entirely

The chances of developing mouth cancer are directly proportional to the time that you’ve been using tobacco products. Chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes can create grey ulcers in the mouth which may later become cancerous.

10 Effective Ways For Oral Cancer Prevention

If you smoke too much, it is advisable to visit any top cancer hospital in India, to get yourself checked up.

5. Protect your lips and mouth from the sun

The sunlight contains harmful ultraviolet radiations, a scientific fact that we’ve been studying since we were small kids. Therefore, it is only obvious that we protect our lips and mouth from these radiations since they have known to be one of the prime causes of lip cancers.

10 Effective Ways For Oral Cancer Prevention

Visiting one of the best oncologists in India is a good idea if you’ve been feeling something weird with your lips and mouth lately.

6.Drink alcohol, but control yourself

Similar to tobacco usage, the time that you’ve been drinking alcohol for directly influences your risk of developing oral cancers. Having more than 3 alcoholic drinks per day increases your chances of developing mouth cancers by up to three times. Binge drinking, combined with smoking, is one of the worst things one could do to his/her body.

10 Effective Ways For Oral Cancer Prevention7. Eat healthily 

Gorging on fruits and vegetables is probably the easiest thing to do on this list. Sometimes, it may happen that a lack of nutrients leads to changes in the mouth that break down its defenses against tumors. Therefore, it is probably a good idea to eat vegetables and fruits good for your mouths, such as carrots, Brussels sprouts, and squash.

10 Effective Ways For Oral Cancer Prevention8. Get proper vaccinations

Human papillomavirus is one of the most common viruses found in humans. We usually have this in our mouths, but do not realize it. This is because it has no effect in most cases. Sometimes, however, it may lead to changes that increase oral cancer risks. Getting vaccinated against the human papillomavirus is easier than chemotherapy, isn’t it?

9.Have an active lifestyle

There are multiple benefits to leading a healthy life. One of them is that an active lifestyle is known to boost the immune system, which may help it ward off oral cancer or any other cancers. The effects of diet and nutrition in preventing cancer are also important and must be recognized.10 Effective Ways For Oral Cancer Prevention


10. Get yourself checked regularly

Visiting any of the best cancer hospitals in India on a regular basis would be a good practice to ensure that you haven’t developed any sorts of oral cancers. It may happen that tumors get diagnosed in the early oral cancer stages, and chances of recovery are high. Professional opinion, hence, is a must to avoid falling into the chemotherapy treatment trap.

Mouth cancer is a very serious issue when it comes to India. It is our duty to follow the aforementioned steps and prevent oral cancers, instead of waiting for it to happen and then treating it.

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