Wanna Beat Cancer! Take a note 9 super supplements

9 Best Cancer Fighting Foods To Include In Your Diet

Beat Cancer! These 9 Cancer Fighting Foods Can Be Your Best Weapon

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases that the whole world is fighting with. There are various types of cancer and so, the causes and symptoms are also different. But, be it any type of cancer, the 9 super supplements to fight cancer that we are going to discuss in this blog are like a blessing for every human being.

Fact- No dietary supplement can completely treat cancer or prevent. But yes, by keeping a check of these dietary supplements in our routine diet, we can save ourselves from the risk of cancer. They come from natural resources and are really beneficial.

Here is why you can rely on the supplements we are going to discuss:

  • They are safe to eat because they are all natural.
  • You can find them in your daily diet.
  • For choosing the best supplement according to your health condition, you can always talk to your oncologist.

Let’s pitch into the main topic.

Super supplements that help us in Combating Cancer with Ease:

We will be discussing these supplements’ benefit as well as sources.

Wanna Beat Cancer! Take a note 9 super supplements

1.Vitamin D

Source- Sunlight, fish (tuna, mackerel, and salmon), soy milk, orange juice, and cereals.

Vitamin D plays a crucial role in beating various types of cancers because it absorbs essential elements like Phosphorus and calcium. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to weakening bones. Phosphorus and Calcium plays a great source to keep the teeth and bones stronger.

According to a trustworthy report, if you have Vitamin D deficiency, then you are at higher risk for breast cancer or other bowel certain cancers, lung cancer, etc.

So, make sure you are consuming sufficient Vitamin D. Sunlight is a good source of vitamin D, so if you expose your skin to less frequency sunlight then it can benefit you.

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2.Vitamin E

Sources- Almonds, Almond oil, Sunflower Seeds, Sunflower oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Hazelnuts, Hazelnut oil, Pine Nuts, Peanuts, Brazil Nuts, Avocado, Atlantic Salmon, Mango, Turnip Greens(raw), Red Sweet Pepper (raw), Kiwifruit.

Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant. It is a fat-soluble substance so remove free radicals that are capable to damage our cells. It also reduces the risk of lung cancer, prostate or colon cancer. So, if you consume sufficient Vitamin E, then your body will start removing harmful radicals and save all cells from damaging and this, in turn, will keep you away from cancer.

3.Green Tea Extract

Source- Green Tea.

The benefit of green tea is not hidden. Consuming 3-4 cups of green tea every day is a great practice! Most of us know it as a great antioxidant, for improving the metabolism rate, and a good source for losing weight.

But, do you know that green tea can be very beneficial for cancer treatment? It is all because of “polyphenols” that are present in green tea in a good ratio. It prevents blood vessel formation around tumor and ECG in Green tea is helpful in stopping leukemic cell or blood cancer cell.

4. Curcumin

Source- Turmeric

It is mainly found in turmeric. Being rich in antioxidants, it is helpful in cancer prevention, blocks cancer cell multiplication. Slows down the tumor growth, helpful in killing breast, colon, and prostate cancer cells. India and many Asian countries already use turmeric in their daily diets and this practice helps them to stay away from certain cancers.

Many types of research are still going on and scientists suggest that curcumin slows down the cancer cells growth and prevent cell damage. If someone is undergoing, curcumin will boost chemotherapy effect.

Hence, make sure your everyday diet has turmeric in any form.

5. Omega 3

Source- Oil that we get from plants like flaxseed, soya beans, and canola have ALA (Alpha-linoleic acid). While EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acids) are present in seafood and fish.

People who have a concern about cancers related to Chronic inflammation, then Omega 3 is your thing because it helps in decreasing tumor cell growth.  It is basically a perfect combination of 3 essential fatty acids, i.e. ALA, EPA, DHA. Being an Anti-inflammatory compound, it helps in lung, liver and prostate cancer.

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6. Resveratrol

Source- Red and purple grapes (its Skin is rich in resveratrol), mulberries, blueberries, lingo berries, cranberries, peanuts, and pistachios.

It is a powerpack antioxidant (polyphenols) and hinders the growth of cancerous cells by inhibiting NF-KB (and fights inflammation-causing agent). Good for the immune system. Resveratrol deal with HRB BETA 1 is a great way and hence prevent breast cancer by preventing the cancerous cell growth.

It also helps in prostate, pancreas, skin, liver, and colon cancer.

7. Glutathione (GSH)

Source- Our body already has this antioxidant.

Low level of GSH will put you on more risk for cancer. It will be not wrong if we call it a master detoxifier. GSH is a great agent that detoxifies every single cell of our body, and this is why it protects our cells from cancer-causing free radicles. It removes carcinogens.

8. Melatonin

Source- We have an inbuilt source in our body, ie. Pineal Gland. So need to eat anything for melatonin.

It is basically a hormone that pineal gland produces.

Pineal Gland- is a pea-shaped gland present below our brain. It is responsible for maintaining the natural bio clock.

Melatonin plays a crucial role in cancer prevention, special breast cancer, boosts immunity and promotes the production of “T helper cells” to keep you safe from cancerous cells. A good level of Melatonin in the blood hinders the breast cancer growth by almost 70%.

9. Selenium

Source- Chicken, Turkey, Pork, Ham and other enriched edibles.

It is one of those powerful minerals that are a great source for cancer prevention. Being an antioxidant, it removes free radicals and reduces the cancer risk prominently. Its presence in your body will protect from harsh effect of silver, mercury, cadmium, etc. and reduces the cancer growth or tumor growth.

So, the presence of all these supplements in your body will help in beating cancer without much effort.

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Wanna Beat Cancer! Take a note 9 super supplements

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