Best Neurology Treatment Hospitals in India

Brain Tumor : Symptoms, Signs, Treatment, Surgery & Types

Best Neurology Treatment Hospitals in India

Brain tumor causes extreme sufferings and circumstances can be really horrible if it is not taken to the Best Neurology Treatment Hospitals in India at the earliest. The brain controls our overall body functionalities and delays in treatment can affect the complete system.

Its Formation- When the natural phenomena of dead cell replacement with new cells fail, over-accumulation of cells/ tissues occurs. So, the old cells do not disappear or die and the new cells keep growing in the same place. Here, an extra mass gets created and this extra mass of cells or tissues is k/s Tumor.

Brain Tumor Symptoms

Best Neurology Treatment Hospitals in India

On keenly observation and identification or symptoms in the early stages, we can prevent the patient’s condition from getting worse. Brain Tumor signs are also common in another disease, hence people often end-up in misinterpreting the situation. Take a glance at all possible signs we can spot-

  • Balancing Issues
  • Vision problems
  • hearing Difficulties
  • Reduced concentration
  • Memory loss
  • Speech issues or any other variations in overall mental ability.
  • facial paralysis
  • numbness
  • Muscle jerks
  • Weaken sense of smell
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Headaches

Types of Brain Tumor

It can be either Malignant or Benign.

Best Neurology Treatment Hospitals in India

The benign tumor

It can be removed as it doesn’t contain cancer cells and these cells hardly penetrate the other tissues around them. Don’t spread in other body parts, but the benign tumor in the brain causes severe health deformities and can be life-threatening.

Astrocytoma (Grade I or II, Grade III, Grade IV), Meningioma and Oligodendroglioma is a common form of primary cancer in the adults. While in children, medulloblastoma, Grade I or II astrocytoma, Ependymoma and Brain stem glioma can be detected.

If benign tumor symptoms are ignored for a longer period, it can turn into the malignant tumor.

Malignant brain tumors- Also k/s Brain cancer

Now, Malignant brain tumors are a serious concern and are life-threatening. They grow at a massive pace, invade or penetrate all neighboring brain tissues and can even spread to the spinal cord. We should take patients to brain cancer treatment centers at the earliest, to avoid worst circumstances.

The best treatment for brain cancer is decided according to the patient’s condition and the grade of their cancers. Let’s know how these cancers are classified into Different Grades?

Cancers are classified according to the cells growth and how much it can spread.

  1. Benign tissue and the cells grow very slowly. Cells are very much similar to the normal brain cells
  2. Malignant tissue and there is a nominal difference in the looks of cells as that of normal brain cells.
  • The malignant tissues show abnormal cell growth and keep growing rapidly.
  1. Most abnormal growth is the malignant tissue. Spreads and increases actively.

The first two comes in the low-grade tumor and last two comes in the high-grade tumor.

Be it any grade tumor, for the best brain tumor treatment, you must consult Best Brain Tumor Hospitals in India. These hospitals provide the best possible treatment with help of advance healthcare tools and techniques.

Here a list of treatment possibilities

Treatment for brain tumors varies depending on the grade, type, location as well as the size of the tumor. Other factors like patient’s overall health, immunity power, age, etc. are also considered to decide suitable treatment.

Best Neurology Treatment Hospitals in India

The best treatment for brain cancer/ brain Tumors can be done with:

  • A surgery
  • Radiation therapy/ radiation treatment for brain cancer
  • Chemotherapy

Surgery- It involves an incision in your brain to remove the tumor or cancerous cells. Depending upon complexities, the neurosurgeon will decide whether it should be removed completely or partially. You can get it done in any of the Best Neurology Treatment Hospitals in India.

Radiation therapy- When surgery is not possible, the radiotherapy is used where a high-powered ray is passed to damage cancer cells and stop the further growth.

Chemotherapy- Specific drugs are used. It can be injected into the muscle or blood vessel or can be given orally in various cycles.

It is always better to spot symptoms at the earliest.

How to get the best treatment for brain cancer?

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