Cardiovascular disease: Symptoms, Types, Treatments, and Causes

         The most imperative health related issue which population is facing now days is Cardiovascular Problems.

Cardiovascular disease

The lifestyle, diet, lack of physical activity and other reasons have brought people closer to heart-related risks. The topic of concern is that the heart problems are followed by several other problems like Hypertension, High Blood Pressure, and many others.


Some risk factors that are associated with cardiovascular problems like age, ethnicity and family history cannot be changed. Other risk factors such as high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, lack of physical activity, tobacco intake and unhealthy diets like use of alcohol can be treated or changed.’
A fact of particular significance in developing/developed countries is that they are encountered with the escalating rates of cardiovascular diseases. Although sub-Saharan Africa is an exception in the developing world for the cardiovascular disease as the leading cause of death. It’s not necessary that you will develop the cardiovascular problem if you have a risk factor. But more risk factors will lead you towards the same. You need to take initiatives to alter the risk factors to prevent these problems.


There are certain risk factors which, if modified can help us prevent the cardiovascular problems. The Hypertension tops the charts in the same as it plays an important role in the heart attack. It can be prevented if you follow the advised management plan by your doctor. Abnormal level of blood lipids like cholesterols, triglycerides, and low or high-density lipoproteins may cause a heart attack or stroke. Just an alteration in your diet plan and regular exercises may amend your blood lipid profile and reduce the cardiovascular problems.

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One most important factor for this is the intake of tobacco. No matters the mode of intake is smoking or chewing but it is a major risk factor of cardiovascular problems. The problem becomes higher if you are a woman or have started smoking at a very young age. Stopping the intake of tobacco can prevent you from heart risks despite the fact that how long you have been smoking.
Certain physical/genetic factors like type 2 diabetes play an important role in escalating the risks of heart problems. Additionally, poor or unhealthy diet, lack of physical activities includes their significance in this. Also if you take more than two alcohol drinks daily then it damages your cardiac muscles leaving behind cardiac problems. Certain medicines may also raise the hazard of heart disease like the contraceptive pill and hormone replacement therapy (HRT).


However there are certain factors which cannot be modified such as older age, family history of cardiovascular disease and gender. Males have a greater risk to develop heart problems whereas in women, it becomes the same after menopause. One’s ethnic origin plays a vital role. Natives from African or Asian heritage are at higher risks of developing cardiovascular problems than other racial groups.

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