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Everything that we should know about Glaucoma Treatment In India

Glaucoma Eye Treatment In India

Glaucoma is basically a situation which is related to eyes. It leads to progressive damage to the optic nerve. Believe it or not, but Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of irreversible blindness worldwide. Both the two types of Glaucoma, that are open-angle and closed-angle Glaucoma leads to the damage of the eyes. But don’t worry, the advanced glaucoma treatment in India is there to help people out.

Everything that we should know about Glaucoma Treatment In India

Today, in this article, we are going to discuss what is Glaucoma and how is it treated in detail. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started:

• what is Glaucoma
• glaucoma causes
• glaucoma symptoms and treatment
• glaucoma treatment
• Best Hospitals in India for treatment of Glaucoma
• Best Ophthalmologists in India for treatment of Glaucoma

Let us discuss the points in detail:

1. What is Glaucoma?

Do you know? Around 3 million people in the US alone have Glaucoma. A lot of people from India and across the globe comes for glaucoma treatment in India. Many people still are unaware of the fact that glaucoma disease may gradually lead to loss of vision and blindness in severe cases.

2. Glaucoma causes:

Many specialists who specialize in glaucoma symptoms and treatment are still not confident of the causes that lead to glaucoma disease.

Some of the primary signs of Glaucoma are as follow:
• Tumour
• Diabetes
• Advanced cataract
• Inflammation

3. Glaucoma symptoms and treatment:

The signs and symptoms associated with glaucoma treatment in india may vary according to the patient to patient (depending on their situations or type of it). Also, the symptoms of open-angle and closed-angle Glaucoma, two types of it are quite different.

Everything that we should know about Glaucoma Treatment In India

In the case of open-angle Glaucoma, people experience:

• Patient experience tunnel (narrowed) vision
• A gradual loss of peripheral vision that primarily affects both the eyes simultaneously

Whereas, on the other hand, closed-angle glaucoma disease may experience the following signs and symptoms:

• Blurred vision
• Severe pain in the glaucoma eye
• Nausea and vomiting
• Redness in the glaucoma eye
• Halo-like glow around the affected eye
• Vision problems (especially in dim light)

4. Glaucoma treatment:

A number of procedures follow the glaucoma treatment in India. Remember, the eye specialist in Delhi performs the best treatment for Glaucoma on both of the eyes even when the only eye is affected. It’s because this disease spread very rapidly to the other eye.

Some of the glaucoma treatment in India procedures includes:

  •  Eye drops: eye drops is one of the most common steps advised by a doctor in the case of Glaucoma. But sometimes, it may even lead to a few side effects such as retinal detachment, changes in the color of the eye, redness, and stinging sensation.
  • Trabeculoplasty: it is a type of laser treatment for Glaucoma. In this procedure, a laser beam is used to clear the drainage passage. The glaucoma treatment in India uses this technique to drain out the excess fluid immediately!

5. Best Hospitals in India for treatment of Glaucoma;

Some of the best hospitals for glaucoma treatment in India are as follow:

• Medanta Medcity, New Delhi
Artemis Hospital, New Delhi
• MAX Healthcare, Saket
• Shankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital, Chennai
• Fortis Hospital, Delhi

6. Best Ophthalmologists in India for treatment of Glaucoma

India has some of the best ophthalmologists for the glaucoma treatment in India and you can consult the best eye hospital in Delhi for successful glaucoma treatment. Jiyo India is associated with all leading eye specialist and eye hospitals of India to help you get best treatment with ease.

7. India: Most Preferred Destination For Glaucoma Care

The cost of Glaucoma treatment in India is the lowest in comparison of all other countries. It doesn’t mean that India has not so quality treatment. Experienced specialists achieve glaucoma eye surgery in India with the help of advanced techniques and machines.

The average cost of glaucoma treatment in India (surgery) and abroad is:

Now, you must be wondering why a patient from abroad must choose their preferred destination for glaucoma treatment in  India. It is because of the following reasons:

  • State-of-the-art technology and other advanced facilities
  • Experienced and empathetic paramedical staff
  • Highly positive success record
  • Low cost of treatment
  • Availability of experienced and skilled surgeons
  • All facilities under a single roof
  • Availability of the best hospitals

Glaucoma risk factors includes;

  • Elevated Eye Pressure
  • Ethnic Background
  • Family History
  • Hyperopia
  • Prolonged Corticosteroid Us
  • Conditions that affect, or are related to, blood flow
  • High myopia
  • Corneal thickness

Keeping a sharp eye on Glaucoma symptoms, know the risk factors, best treatment options to stay away from harmful affects of glaucoma.

The best way to stay away from these risks is to undergo comprehensive eye exams in regular interval of time. Treatment regimen that your expert eye expert advises, follow it religiously.

Don’t discontinue your medications in any case. Consult your eye specialist before taking any extra medicines or before discontinuing any of your regular medicines.

The initiation of glaucoma doesn’t really show-up any kind of prominent symptoms and this is why early detection becomes difficult. But to stay away from vision loss, you have to be careful and keep a sharp eye on minute changes in vision.

Glaucoma, being a dominant eye-related disorder, it can cause severe damage to our optic nerves. Optic nerves are responsible for carrying information from our eye to the brain.
Glaucoma can develop without any such increase in eye pressure. This form of Glaucoma is known as the normal-tension or low-tension glaucoma.

The best treatment for Glaucoma can be easily accessed with the help of Jiyo India. We have a skilled team who assists patients and his/her family members in every step of Glaucoma treatment.

Visit India for glaucoma treatment in India at affordable prices!

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