Hekmatullah Anwary From Afghanistan, Finally Receives The Best Urethral Stricture Surgery India from Jaypee Hospital

Before making it to the Jaypee hospital, Hekmatullah Anwary, 38 years old male, from Afghanistan had an irking journey since 2010. The patient got anxious when he noticed that he had pain while urinating. He also reported having two weak streams of urine and difficulty in emptying the bladder while he urinated. The patient fells a prey to a number of fallacious treatments.

After consulting the local urologist in Afghanistan, he was diagnosed with the urethral stricture in 2012. Following this, he underwent urethral dilatation 3 times. He also had Direct Vision Internal Urethrotomy in 2015. Unfortunately, all these procedures failed to cure his symptoms.

Ultimately, while surfing through the internet, he found out about Jiyo India. After contacting Jiyo India team, Hekmatullah was appointed a case manager, who provided him with the list of top 10 Urologist in India. In a little while, he requested his case manager to book an appointment with a senior urologist, Dr. Manoj Aggarwal at Jaypee hospital Noida.

The patient arrived in New Delhi on June2nd, 2018. The doctor had a comprehensive discussion and ordered few diagnostic tests including urinalysis, urinary flow test, and urethral ultrasound. These tests revealed that the urethral stricture can be cured with surgical intervention. Consequently, on a scheduled date, Hekmatullah had urethral stricture surgery. After the surgery in one of the best urology hospitals in India, he was kept in the hospital for a few days. His symptoms begun to get pacified, this meant that the surgery went successfully.

Hekmatullah went back on July 6th, 2018. He was cheerful, elated and excited to see a disease-free life waiting for him. Jiyo India wishes him a joyful and healthy life ahead.

Jiyo India wishes his a great health ahead in life.  


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