Jiyo India Participated in Arab Health 2019

Jiyo India Participated in Arab Health 2019

Jiyo India Participated in Arab Health(Largest healthcare exhibition)2019

Most of the people who attend Arab Health as part of healthcare: Experts who are tasked with procuring and obtainment responsibilities for healthcare abilities, educational providers and pharmaceutical specialty associations use Arab Health as a way of springing each new year efficiently. Using the program as a chance to get ahead of the upcoming year’s merchandise needs. They scope the full diversity of options available and then have detailed conversations with attending key influencers from manufacturing companionships to secure the best deals. Arab Health implements a beneficial experience for all dealer and distributor work functions – from superior management of larger organizations that are looking to connect with key industry professionals, sales and business development specialists like you tasked with increasing their product portfolios and entrepreneurs hoping to origin the next ‘big product’ to supply in their nation.

The following most popular healthcare business participated in this mega show namely as Arab Health 

1. King Edward VII’s Hospitals 

2. John Bell & Croyden 

3. Rak Hospital Group

4. PHOENIX Hospitals 

5. Doctor Call 

6. Green Door Clinic 

7. Thumbay Group

8. Beleaf – Aster Group 

9. Americal Hospitals



12. Dr. Haus Dermatology 

13. NMC 

14. HCA Healthcare 

15. Calthorpe Estate 

16. Rutherford Group 

17. Inter Health Canada 

18. Healthcare UK 

19. Rutherford Group 

20. Saudi German Hospital 

21. The Howard De Walden

22. Medanta the Medicity 

23. Artemis Hospital

24. Indraprastha Apollo Group & so on

As a leader in the healthcare business that emphasizes the importance of innovation. Arab Health ensures that several promenades are available through the show for healthcare experts to advance themselves. 

Arab Health brings together the most influential government existences from around the world. Ministry of Health UAE, Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Health Egypt, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health Finland, Ministry of Health Nairobi,  Ministry of Public Health Kuwait, Ministry of Health Ivory Coast, Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan, Ministry of Health Oman, and man more are some of the government bodies that attended Arab Health.

Conclusion: Arab Health show was very unique towards offering the next level of healthcare advancement to social communities.

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