Kavi Kumar Azad Death: Prevent Heart failure before it gets too late

The whole nation is saddened by the sudden death of the famous face of Indian Television ‘Kavi Kumar Azad’. Unfortunately, the reason behind his mishap is cardiac arrest/ heart failure. Cardiovascular disease is becoming common these days and more people are facing worse phases of their lives due to ignoring its symptoms, for not maintain needful precautions and due to lack of knowledge about reliable sources for Cardiovascular disease treatment. This blog is for making everyone more aware of the end to end details about the treatment of heart conditions.

So, what is heart failure?

Heart failure is a genuine condition where the heart does not direct blood around the body effectively. In the event that the heart is debilitated and can’t supply the cells with adequate blood, the patient winds up drained and short of breath. In any case, with the correct treatment, the patient can even now lead a significant and profitable life.

Heart Disease Causes

Kavi Kumar Azad Death: Prevent Heart failure before it gets too late

Heart failure is caused by any conditions that harm the heart muscle. These include:

  • Coronary artery illness – the coronary veins supply the heart muscle with blood. In the event that these are blocked or the stream is lessened, the heart does not get the blood supply it needs.
  • Heart attack – a sudden break of the coronary supply routes; this causes scars in the heart’s tissues and declines how viable it can pump.
  • Cardiomyopathy – harm to the heart muscle other than by supply route or bloodstream issues; for example, caused by sedate reactions or diseases.

Symptoms of Heart disease 

Indications of heart failure may incorporate sporadic and quick heartbeats.

The accompanying is conceivable indications of heart failure:


  • Congested lungs – liquid develops in the lungs and causes shortness of breath notwithstanding while resting and especially when resting. It can likewise cause a hacking, dry hack.
  • Liquid retention – in light of the fact that less blood is being pumped to the kidneys, it can cause water retention. This can cause swollen lower legs, legs, and midriff. It can likewise cause weight to pick up and expanded pee.
  • Fatigue and tipsiness – on the grounds that less blood is achieving the organs of the body, it can cause sentiments of shortcoming. Since less blood is achieving the cerebrum is can likewise cause dazedness and perplexity.

Cardiovascular disease treatment and prevention

Harm to the heart’s pumping activity caused by heart failure can’t be repaired. Some regular medications for heart failure include:

Medications as per best heart surgeon in India

  •  ACE (inhibitors of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme) – these medications enable the supply routes to unwind, bring down pulse, making it simpler for the heart to pump blood.
  • Diuretics – these assist patients with swollen lower legs. They likewise assuage shortness of breath caused by heart failure.
  • Anticoagulants – these medications make it harder for the blood to cluster; they help thin the blood and help keep a stroke.Cardiovascular disease treatment and prevention

Heart Surgery

Not every person with heart failure reacts to tranquilizing treatment as per top 10 hospitals in India. There are some careful alternatives: Coronary bypass graft is the most well-known surgical procedure for congestive heart failure that has been caused by coronary supply route malady. Implantable left ventricular help gadget (LVAD) is for patients who have not reacted to different medications, and are hospitalized, this can enable the heart to pump blood. In the event that no different medicines or medical procedures help, transplant is the last alternative. Transplants are just considered if the patient is sound other than the issue with their heart.

How can you get the Best Cardiac Treatments in India?


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