Knee Replacement Surgery in India - Types, Cost And Benefits

Knee Replacement Surgery in India – Types, Cost And Benefits

A Complete Guide Of Knee Replacement Surgery In India

Knee replacement surgery in India will never be a nightmare if it is done under expert’s supervision and at the hospital that provides state of art facilities. It is more common in individuals above 50 years of age and among overweight people. Issues like arthritis, tears in the ligaments, bursitis, osteoarthritis of the joints, or any kind of infections can also be a cause. Whenever we hear about Knee Replacement surgery, a few questions come in everyone’s mind. This blog will give all possible answers to your doubts about knee replacement.

Important Facts about Total knee Replacement Treatment:

  • Any kind of trauma to the knee may make the condition worse as it leads to joint deterioration.
  • Knee replacement surgery is now much more convenient because we have come a long way in terms of technological advancement in the healthcare industry.
  • If you are obese, you need to be more careful because it increases the risk of osteoarthritis. So, make sure you keep your weight under check.
  • Surgery is not the only option. Doctors may try invasive treatments before referring you for surgery.

Patients with fatal knee joint injuries, progressive arthritis, rare destructive diseases, trauma, etc causing progressive pain and restrictive knee joint movement, may require this. Osteoarthritis is also one of the leading reasons for knee replacement. The orthopedic surgeon replaces the knee joint of a patient with the artificial material.

There are 4 main types of Knee Replacement Surgery :

  1. Total knee replacement. It has the highest rate of success and is the most common surgery type. The orthopedic surgeon replaces a certain portion of your thigh bone as well as the shin bone connecting to the knee.
  2. Partial knee replacement: When arthritis shows an impact on knee’s one side only, surgeons will suggest partial knee replacement. it is good for people with strong knee ligaments.
  3. Kneecap replacement: In this procedure, surgeons will replace only the kneecap’s under-surface.
  4. Complex (or revision) knee replacement: People with severe arthritis or people who have already gone under one knee replacement surgery.

Knee Replacement Surgery in India - Types, Cost And Benefits

What are the Prime benefits of total knee replacement treatment in India?

India has become technologically advanced and the whole world is looking India as a leading destination for medical tourism. We have best-in-class experts who have created many benchmarks in highly précised knee replacement surgeries.

  • Most of the patients that undergo this surgery feels the least possible pain.
  • Their mobility in the knee also increases to a great extent and this is like a blessing for them because less mobility again gives rise to many health issues.

People with chronic health conditions, lungs or heart problems should consult with the Orthopedic surgeon before undergoing this surgery.

Recovery time for a total replacement- An average time for a normal patient to recover completely is around 6 weeks. This time duration again depends on various factors, like pain, swelling, etc. it is better to consult the best joint replacement surgeon in Delhi to know more accurate information for your case.

Worried about knee replacement surgery cost? Here is the solution!

Cost depends on what type of knee replacement your specialist will recommend. Cost for All four knee replacement types will vary and depend on various factors. Hence, Total Knee Replacement surgery cost can vary from case to case. It also depends on where you are undergoing this surgery.

Knee Replacement Surgery in India - Types, Cost And Benefits

Let us tell you a fact that knee replacement surgery cost in India is much less (around 1/4th) of the cost in the US, UK, etc. If you are looking for a cost-effective knee replacement surgery, then Jiyo India can get you a customized surgery package according to your need in any of the top knee replacement surgery hospitals in India. With them, total knee replacement cost will never trouble you.

Jiyo India is the ultimate one-stop destination :

Be it arranging preferred or advance appointment with the best joint replacement surgeon in Delhi, taking care of all the pathology and pharmacy needs, IPD/ OPD assistance so that you can concentrate on quality treatment, stay arrangement, meals, and lot more.

Knee Replacement Surgery in India - Types, Cost And Benefits

The best part that Jiyo India members like to avail is our customized healthcare and surgery package that allows getting best-possible treatment from the best Orthopedic surgeon. For both national and international patients, Jiyo India offers specially discounted healthcare and surgery packages that are tailored to suit every patient.

Getting the best knee treatment in India has gone much easier than before because we collaborate with all leading knee replacement treatment hospitals in India. Their healthcare packages let you get best and affordable health care services across India.

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