Knee Replacement Surgery Types That We Should Know!

Knee Replacement Surgery Types That We Should Know!

Knee Replacement Surgery

Acute pain in the knees, finger joints, and other joints are what we start feeling at a certain age.  The number of knee replacement surgery has also gone high. Joint pain has become a common affair these days. But knee pain is one of the most common problems that trouble a substantial ratio of people.

This piece of blog intends to give an end to end information about different types of knee surgeries that you can undergo based on your health condition.

But when we talk about the best destination for successful knee replacements, India is at the top of the list. Knee replacement surgery cost in India is much less than many countries across the world like US, UK, Singapore, Australia, etc. But in India, you can get the very same world-class healthcare services at an affordable cost.

Not just this, you can consult the world’s renowned orthopedic surgeon here at top orthopedic hospitals in India. But before we discuss how you can access the best healthcare services in India, Let’s dive into the details of today’s blog topic.

Types of Knee Replacement Surgery

There are mainly four types. Take a look;

  • Total Knee Replacement (TKR)- This procedure is also known as Arthroplasty. This procedure is preferred for people who have osteoarthritis where sever knee pain limits the patient’s daily movement. Here, the experts will replace the diseased joint with an artificial joint. The success rate is high, and not less than 90 percent of patients who undergo this surgery felt better.
  • Partial Knee Replacement- As the name appears, surgeons will replace the only partial damaged part of the knee. It can quickly restore your joint movements and let the patient do their daily chores. Patients can recover sooner than patients of Total knee replacement surgeries.

Knee Replacement Surgery Types That We Should Know!

  • Knee Cap Replacement- It is also known as unicompartmental knee replacement or Patellofemoral Arthroplasty. Your orthopedic expert will suggest you undergo this surgery when the osteoarthritis is affecting only the patellofemoral compartment of the knee.
  • Revision/ Complex knee Replacement- This is for the patients who have already undergone any types of knee surgery Years after the first surgery, the knee joints can cause inflammation, or it may become loose or get disfigured. In such cases, your doctor will suggest revised knee replacement for rectifying the position of knee prosthetics.

We hope you are now clear about all possible knee replacement surgery types. With all these details, you can understand when and why a doctor suggests total knee replacement or any other surgery to a patient.

Make sure you don’t neglect any discomfort in your knee and consult a best orthopedic expert.

Knee replacement symptoms to look for

You need surgery when:

  • Knee pain increases during any movement or activity,
  • When it gives you sleepless nights
  • Hinders your daily movement or limit the joint movement.
  • Restrict you to in doing daily chores.
  • In case of inflammation or Changes in the appearance of your knee.
  • Lifestyle limitations

Facing any of these symptoms?

Choose Affordable knee replacement surgery in India.

India has become a leading medical tourism destination because there are a large number of extraordinary hospitals with world-class amenities, experienced surgeons, best pharmacy, and pathology services. You can get every advanced healthcare facility here.

Knee Replacement Surgery Types That We Should Know!

In an average, the total knee replacement surgery cost in India can vary from USD 4,000 to USD 6,000 for single knee and both knees, it can go up to USD 8,400 to USD 12,000. It can vary depending on various factors like your overall health condition, the surgeon who is handling your case, hospital where you will get complete treatment, etc. But be it any situation, the knee replacement surgery is one of the best in the world, and you don’t have to empty your bank accounts for that. Hence, you can choose knee replacement in India without any hesitation.

About Total Knee Replacement Surgeries In India

You can consult the best knee replacement surgeon in India for issues like severe joint pain, less movement of joints, swollen joints, and other bone-related problems. Orthopedics department in India is devoted to the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of all possible bone-related disorders and injuries. There are various reputed hospitals where exceptional, and world-class facilities are available for successful and hassle-free knee replacement surgery.

As we know much about types of knee replacement surgery, when do you need it, and other essential information.

Let us put some light on its structure –

Though the majority of people are suffering from joint aches and knee aches (especially in their old ages), one of the major reasons why people step back from the knee replacement surgery is the cost involved in it. Total knee replacement surgery cost in India is very less as compared to many countries, and you should not take a step back in visiting India for your treatment.

In the initial stages, arthritis can be coverup by a medication where the doctors will advise to use anti-inflammatory drugs, which will not only reduce pain but will also help control it further. But going further, the joint pain can increase to a great extent, and to one point it may restrict the person to walk or sit properly. If you ignore consistent joint pain for a longer time and don’t take the right treatment, soon there will be no other option than knee replacement surgery.

If your doctor has already suggested undergoing knee replacement surgery, then take it seriously to avoid severe circumstances. We do understand that you may be thinking about hefty treatment cost, but here we are to help you in the best way.

Get in touch with Jiyo India team and get complete information about how medical tourism in India can help you get rid of your knee pain. You can restore your normal movement within no time. The best knee replacement surgeries in Delhi or any other major city like Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, etc. are manned by top-notch experts who are skilled in all sorts of knee replacement surgeries. The all top orthopedic surgeons in India holds decades of experience in the industry and can perform complex knee replacements with ease. Be it a knee cap surgery, stem cell knee replacement, revision knee replacements, or any other type of surgery; you can rely on orthopedic surgeons here.

Jiyo India can make your knee replacement surgery a successful and affordable affair?

We will arrange the treatment from one of the most experienced team of orthopedic experts. will help in getting the best medications, excellent pharmacy services, and everything that you need during treatment.

You can rely on Jiyo India team for every arrangement for your successful treatment from the best knee replacement surgeon in India. You have to relax and focus on your treatment. We are associated with all top orthopedic hospitals in India and all reputed orthopedic experts too.  All hospitals here are fully equipped with the latest surgical equipment and perform all the diagnosis with perfection. Only after these tests, your orthopedic surgeons will be able to tell whether you need a stem cell knee replacement surgery or only medication will help. These centers have best and advanced cutting-edge technology for all types of knee replacement surgery. The best hospitals in Delhi offer many advanced techniques of surgeries, which includes limb salvage surgeries, limb correctional procedures for elbow, knee, shoulder, and other joints.

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