Respiratory diseases

Respiratory Diseases: Symptoms, Causes, Remedies and Treatment

The important and basic system of our body is breathing. For a normal person breathing is not a matter to think of, however, for people suffering from respiratory diseases, breathing is a task for them.

In simple terms, we can define respiratory disease as a series of conditions affecting our respiratory system. It may affect our lungs, bronchial tubes, upper respiratory tract, trachea, pleural cavity and also our nerves and muscles involved in carrying out the breathing process. We can suffer from various kinds of respiratory including inflammatory lung diseases, obstructive lung diseases, restrictive lung diseases, respiratory tract infections, pleural cavity diseases, and pulmonary vascular diseases. There are few respiratory diseases which are limited to the common cold. On the other hand, life-threatening diseases like pulmonary embolism or bacterial pneumonia should be controlled on time.


The various types of respiratory diseases are mentioned below.

  • Asthma
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Acute respiratory distress syndrome
  • Lung cancer
  • Common cold
  • Emphysema
  • Laryngitis, pharyngitis
  • Sinusitis
  • Tonsillitis
  • Pneumonia
  • Tuberculosis

Respiratory diseases may last for a longer time without proper medical treatment. Thus, it is vital to contact a specialist is symptoms of respiratory diseases is encountered.

cystic fibrosis lung

Symptoms of Respiratory Diseases

The most common symptoms of respiratory diseases are listed below.

  • Breathing Disorder: The shortness of breath after a long-term activity such as exercise. The sound like wheezing is a sign that airways have become narrower.
  • Coughing: A continuous cough along with mucus is noticed which can cause a problem for our respiratory system.
  • Uneasy within Chest area: Respiratory system often encounters a common symptom of tightness in the chest area. Pain our chest may be or may not be an alarm for cardiac trouble but could be a sign of acute respiratory diseases.
  • Swelling: The swelling in our finger and toes along with a cough is an uncommon symptom of respiratory disease.
  • Blood: A cough containing some amount of blood is a sign of severe respiratory illnesses which cannot be ignored.
  • Throat Ache: The pain in our throat because of repeated coughing may change our voice may also. We are required to clean our throat to relief from this kind of respiratory disorder.
  • Conclusively, it can be said that respiratory disease has an overall effect on our health. The other common symptoms of weight loss include improper digestion, appetite loss, and headache.

Respiratory Disease Cause

In spite of the fact that tobacco industries have been shut down, however, all respiratory diseases are not coupled with cigarette exposure. Passive smoking is also one of the main reason for respiratory illnesses. The most common reason for respiratory diseases is mentioned below.

  • Allergies and low immune functioning
  • Air Pollution
  • Excess smoke including chemicals and dust.
  • Allergy
  • Genetic cause where either of the parents is suffering from any kind of chronic respiratory diseases.
  • Immature lungs development prior to birth.
  • Unhealthy nutrition in daily life.

Infections such as fungus or viral impacting lungs health such as pneumonia. Tuberculosis is another example leading to the growth of around cavity within lungs.

Respiratory Diseases Remedies

Medical treatment from a specialist is required however minor symptoms are easily curable by home remedies along with medicines.

Respiratory Diseases Remedies

Few common home remedies are mentioned below.

  • Usage of water and salt solution for gargle which clears respiratory diseases and improves the rate of recovery.
  • Honey and Ginger solution provide relief from breathing disorder.
  • The environment at home or office should be bacteria free.
  • Inhaling fresh air in the morning.

An excellent treatment for cold is a solution containing warm milk, half teaspoon black pepper powder and a teaspoon of turmeric powder.

Steam is also applied to most respiratory diseases. The technique includes inhaling steam from for around 15 minutes or steam bath and hot water shower.

Respiratory Diseases Diet

A balanced and healthy diet not only keeps us fit but also improves respiratory tract function. In fact, it is a better way to fight any respiratory diseases as it boosts the immunity system.

A few diet suggestions are mentioned below to fight against Respiratory Disease.

  • Homemade chicken soup may help us overcome respiratory problems such as sore throats.
  • Proper intake of water helps in eradication of toxins in the body. Warm water also helps in overcoming symptoms of respiratory diseases.
  • Herbal tea and Green tea are also considered for short-term relief as is includes antioxidants which are helpful for our health.
  • Consumption vitamins, minerals, protein enriched food like cereals, whole grains, fresh veggies, fruit, and soy products. Some non-vegetarian food like egg, milk products and meat inadequate amount should also be included in the diet.
  • One of the common things we should know is a limited intake of salt because lungs function gets affected by salt.
  • Certain food liked chips, junk food, fast food, and processed foods should not be consumed.
  • Limited intake of saturated fats per day.

Suggestion for Respiratory Diseases

Medical treatment should be taken if above home remedies do not work. The various factors such as the type of respiratory diseases and its stage should be considered while treatment. Also, our family history, age, and medical condition also plays a major role in our respiratory system. The role of a medical specialist should not be ignored while applying home remedies to cure any respiratory diseases to ensure the right treatment and faster recovery.

It must be noted that respiratory diseases can be critical as they have an adverse effect on the capability of the child to lead a normal life. So, if it is found that a child is suffering from any kind of respiratory disease then proper treatment from a specialist should be ensured. But, we need to understand that being overprotective in case of child treatment can restrict their proper growth.


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