The Plastic Products Can Cause Cancer! Is It Just A Myth Or A Truth?

The Plastic Products Can Cause Cancer! Is It Just A Myth Or A Truth?

Every now and then, we keep reading plenty of news and articles about healthy lifestyle, healthy food, and beverages to prevent cancer. Recently we heard news of famous Bollywood actors Sonali Bendre and Irfan Khan suffering from cancer. So, we have been watching a lot of materials to read about cancer signs and symptoms, its causes, treatment in top 10 cancer hospital in India and lot more. This blog will give complete details about The Plastic Products Can Cause Cancer

But, how many of us knew that Plastic products can be one of the leading causes of Cancer?

The Plastic Products Can Cause Cancer! Is It Just A Myth Or A Truth?

We might be eating a healthy diet, must be exercising or doing yoga daily to stay away, but it is a high time to stop using Plastic boxes, plates, glasses, etc.,

Remember-All the plastics are not harmful, some of them are recyclable and you need to identify which plastic is good and which is bad. It is still a contradictory matter that while recycling these plastics, all the harmful viruses gets destroyed or not.

Stay safe with help of these tips;

  • It is better to use earthenwares, paper cards, jute bags in place of plastic products.
  • Store food in the glass containers
  • Do not use harsh detergents, liquids or chemicals to wash any kind of plastic products. Doing this can break the toughness of the vessel and cause harmful chemicals to reach your food.

According to a recent research, the common use of normal plastics, as well as the polythene, is very harmful to human beings due to the presence of chemicals like ethane, vinyl chloride, phenol, urea, benzene, etc. The manufacturing process of these polythene includes zinc, antimony, thiolate salt, cadmium, magnesium that can become of the reasons to cause cancer.

Among various plastic varieties that should be avoided to prevent cancer. Let’s know some more about it;

  • Polystyrene- It is often used in Styrofoam cups, trays, etc. It should never be used in the microwaves.
  • Polyvinyl chloride- Cling wraps and squeeze bottles have polyvinyl chloride.
  • BPA or Bisphenol- You can find this is the lining of canned food as well as few plastic containers.

There are many recycling codes that are allotted to different plastics. The above 3 are numbered 6, 3 and 7 respectively. While the left-out numbers 1,2,4,5 are considered better than the others.

A lot of research institutes are still continuing their work on determining the exact roles of plastic towards cancer. It is better to keep a safe distance from Plastic Products and you should also know the best source to consult the best oncologist in India with an ease during.

What Should You Do For Getting Best And Affordable Cancer Treatment?

The Plastic Products Can Cause Cancer! Is It Just A Myth Or A Truth?

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