Why Cancer Treatment in India is a preferred option for Global Population?

Why Cancer Treatment in India is a preferred option for Global Population?

Cancer Treatment

Cancer cases have increased tremendously throughout the world. Cancer treatment in India is much more reasonable, and one can access world-class healthcare facilities, without burning a hole in their pocket. Hence, in this scenario, India is emerging as one of the most preferred destinations for medical tourism.

Numerous patients from abroad come for cancer treatment in India. The country is known for its best cancer hospital in India with all modern equipment for cancer diagnosis, treatment as well as the complete recovery process. Qualified cancer specialists here go an extra mile to treat every patient with perfection. The quality of medical treatment is also continually growing at a rapid pace.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started. Take a look at topics we will cover in this piece of the blog:

1. India: One of the Best Cancer Treatment Destination in The World:
2. Best hospitals for cancer treatment in India.
3. Options for cancer treatment in India.
4. Why Cancer treatment in India is a preferable option?
5. How to access the best yet affordable cancer treatment in India?

Let us discuss the points in detail:

1. India: One of the Best Cancer Treatment Destination in The World:

Thinking about Why India is a preferred destination for cancer treatment?

Do you know? The medical tourism industry is making tremendous growth in India at an extent level? Don’t draw your jaw out after knowing the fact that the CAGR of India has been grown to 200% as per the statistics of October 2015 and most likely, by the year 2020, it will rise to $9 US million. Isn’t it amazing?

India is becoming the most efficient stop for cancer treatment. Cancer Treatment in India is booming because of the best cancer hospitals out there. Not only this but also patients across the globe can even save up to 30 to 70 percent of their money because of the affordable cost of cancer treatment here.

People not only from different regions of India but even from Kenya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh travel all way around to get the best cancer treatment in India. In the last few years, cancer treatment in India has taken an entirely new form. With the best cancer hospitals, India has emerged as a whole new generation in terms of medical practices and technology.

Various factors make Cancer Treatment in India the best of all. Here are some of the essential elements:

• The best hospitals in India for cancer treatment are technologically advanced: Best hospitals for cancer treatment in India goes at the all possible extent to treat the cancer patient in the best possible way. They even export the most advanced technology equipped machines and devices from other countries if needed. Not only this but also the high technology devices are already available in some of the cancer hospitals of India.

• Affordable cancer treatment in India is not a myth: Believe it or not, but the cancer treatment in India costs around one third less than the cancer costs in several other developed countries! A foreigner who is traveling to India for medical purposes saves around thousands of dollars in the expenses even after the costs of bookings in hotels, traveling, food, staying, etc.

• Treatment assured through highly-skilled surgeons: The experienced doctors for cancer treatment in India have earned name and respect globally through their excellent work. They also attend seminars, meet-ups, workshops, and conferences, etc. in other various countries to keep themselves upgraded and knowledgeable about the recent advancements in technologies.

They are always open to the new technologies updating to give their best while treating a cancer patient. Their strong educational background, impactful work culture, and excellent skill set is what makes them better and thus stands them out of all.

2. Best Hospitals for Cancer Treatment In India

All the metropolitan cities of India, such as Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai are known to have the best cancer specialist doctor in India. Best cancer hospital in Delhi caters thousands of patients coming to the hospitals every single year.

To make your search process easy, we at this moment have attached a list of some top cancer hospital in India. Here are some of the best hospitals-

• Max Healthcare
• BLK Hospital
• Apollo Hospital
• Artemis Hospital
• Medanta The Medicity
• Fortis Hospital
The list goes on and on..

3. Cancer Treatment options

Some of the possible treatment that doctors in India take to cure cancer are as follow:

Depending on cancer symptoms, the specialist will recommend some important diagnosis test to find out in which stage of the cancer. Then depending on the stages of cancer, i.e. 1 to 4, oncologist will recommend treatment. Take a look at treatment options;

• Chemotherapy (Chemo): In this process, Doctors inject cancer-fighting drugs into a patient body with radiation or other medicines. It prevents cancer cells from working on further.

• Stem cell transplant: A stem cell transplant — also called a bone marrow transplant creates the stem cells that form blood in your bone marrow.

• Radiation therapy: To shrink the cancerous tumors, special x-rays, and gamma rays play critical roles. It kills cancer cells by destroying their DNA.

• Targeted therapy drugs: These drugs have less severe side effects than chemo. It pinpoints merely the changes that happen in your body’s cells to cause cancer.

• Immunotherapy is also a proven undergo method!

4. Why Cancer treatment in India is a preferable option?

Do you know? The best hospitals for cancer treatment in India have even treated more than millions of people from abroad? Surprising, isn’t it?

A substantial ratio of patients who comes to India for their treatment recommends their family and friends for the same. Top 3 reasons why Cancer treatment in India is a preferable option includes;

• Extraordinarily skilled cancer specialists that leave no stone unturned to give you best treatment.
• World-class hospitals with impeccable modern treatment and recovery facilities.

• You can take assistance for excellent healthcare service facilitators like Jiyo India for hassle-free and affordable treatment.

Hence, these were some of the reasons why India is a preferred destination for cancer. Hope it helps!

5. How to access the best yet affordable cancer treatment in India?

You can get in touch with a reliable and reputed healthcare facilitator who is collaborated with all best cancer specialties in India at top cancer hospitals. One such leading healthcare facilitator of India is Jiyo India. We help the worldwide population in getting the best cancer treatment from best oncologist in India and at world-class cancer hospitals. Be it a skin cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, or any types of cancer, Jiyo India can help you with ease.

Right from the time you call us, our team starts providing you best help. We will be with you right from the time you land in Indian soil till you are completely fine to go back home after successful cancer treatment. Due to our collaboration with all top 10 cancer hospitals, it becomes hassle-free task for our team to provide you complete treatment assistance. Our tailed healthcare package helps every patient in choosing the best healthcare services within their budget.

Contact us on +91 8750033334, +91 8810601324 or write an email on info@jiyoindia.com for medical assistance. 


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