About Jiyo India

Jiyo India is one of the leading online Healthcare & Personal care service provider portals from India. It has developed as a full-fledged online Healthcare solution provider via www.jiyoindia.com and Jiyo India mobile apps. Jiyo India offer membership to individuals and corporate users who are enjoying great instant privilege/Cashback and or discounts through their Jiyo India cards. Apart from searching doctors, hospitals, Pharmacy, Gym or Spa wellness centers, Jiyo India also offers various services like booking appointments from single portal. Jiyo India registered users can get very attractive privilege/Cashback by using Jiyo India membership cards while booking appointments through website or Jiyo India Apps.

What are Jiyo India Cashback offers?

Jiyo India has moved in to one-stop Healthcare/Personal-care destination of today. Jiyo India is first and only company to introduce Jiyo India cashback in India with huge userbase, users may receive money into their bank or can redeem desirable products/services available with Jiyo India. The user has to pay directly from their credit or debit card, or by cash while on choosing the wide range of listed offers that are given specially to the members. Cashback money will be applicable once as verified with particular Healthcare service provider. Jiyo India gives you great cashback offers on applicable/selected services as a promotional activity.


  • The users cannot transfer cashback money to their friends or relatives.
  • Consumable & medicine deduction or which is not applicable as per the concern hospital
  • Cashback money is not applicable with other than Jiyo India users or even strangers.

How to earn cashback on Jiyo India?

On the top of regular instant privilege and cashback offered by Jiyo India, you can now earn extra cashback on Jiyo India using Mediclaim / Health insurance. It is as simple as you do Nothing new needs to be done here. Just click on the cashback button available on home page of Jiyo India website (www.jiyoindia.com) or mobile app available on play store and I-tunes. Place your cashback request by uploading such hospital bills where cashback applicable.

Please Remember!To get cashback this is user sole responsibilities to verify his/her Jiyo India id (Membership card) while paying bills or getting admission in hospitals or using such services where cashback are available. The Jiyo Members/users has to verify Jiyo id and or referred by Jiyo India mentioned as in referred column against provided bills/invoices by Healthcare service providers.

How it works ?

  • Sign in to www.jiyoindia.com
  • Check cashback offers through searching TPA services etc.,
  • Avail aforesaid service
  • Place the cashback request by uploading bills
  • Amount will be added to your dashboard wallet once cashback verification done.
  • As you see amount in your wallet, you may redeem any time.
  • That's it, you have to do nothing else, the cashback will be added to your Jiyo India account within 48hrs after successful verification from particular healthcare service provider.

General instructions to guarantee your cash back

  • Do not club or use any other coupons/deals with Jiyo India Cashback offers, which will create sessions with multiple and it might lead to ineligible for cashback.
  • Combo deals/offers are not applicable.
  • Make sure your Jiyo id and or referred by Jiyo India mentioned or printed on each bills/final bills.
  • This is user’s sole responsibility to check their Jiyo id and or referred by Jiyo India whether mentioned or not. Over writing and or Hand written or tailoring with invoice will stand by canceled the Cashback request.

Terms and Conditions for Mediclaim Policy

"Definitions" For the purpose of these terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”): "Card" shall mean a Jiyo India membership Card , which has been issued by www.jiyoindia.com or mobile app, and is valid and subsisting during the Program Period.

"Card Holder/s" shall mean a customer of Jiyo India, to whom the Facility has been granted by virtue of such customer holding a Card.

"Cash Back" shall mean available % Cash Back to the Jiyo Cardholder, in the event of the Facility being Availed by a Cardholder, during the Program Period and the necessary criteria for being eligible for such Cash Back having been duly met by such Cardholder.

The maximum cash back of offered to the Cardholder’s is Rs. 10000.00 per treatment and or every final bill. The Cashback can be utilized with unlimited times with valid Jiyo membership card. "Primary Terms and Conditions" shall mean the terms and conditions applicable to the Jiyo Card in addition to these Terms and Conditions.

  • "Void Transaction" shall mean any transaction wherein the transaction has taken place but has been canceled by the Service provider prior to settlement with Jiyo India.
  • Cashback may vary from its partners to partners with Jiyo India Portals.
  • Cashback amount depends upon the T&C between Jiyo India & Service providers.

OPD Cashback General Terms

  • "The amount of cashback will be applicable upto 30% of the total billing at Jiyo India empanelled hospitals/Clinics.
  • If user gets any privilege (in amount) by the hospitals/clinic during the OPD billing It has to be counted as the part of Cashback amount.
  • Maximum Cashback limit is Rs. 500/- for first OPD taken through www.jiyoindia.com
  • Maximum Cashback Limit is Rs. 100/- after first OPD taken through www.jiyoindia.com
  • If user gets any privilege (in amount) by the hospitals/clinic during the OPD billing It has to be counted as the part of Cashback amount.
  • Amount of cashback will be applicable as per the JIPL T & C.

Cashback Program / Offer

The Offer is valid for select Healthcare Service Providers only. The Jiyo Cardholder’s shall receive the communication of the Program from Jiyo India with respect to the Facility by way of direct mailer / emailer / SMS or any other mode as per the discretion of Jiyo India.

Cash Back shall be applicable only for those who have uploaded valid bills and successfully verified by Jiyo India Cashback Team. Upon the Jiyo Card Holder/s fulfilling the Program requisites criteria, during the Program Period, will be eligible for such Cash Back. The Cash Back shall be credited to the Jiyo Card Holders’ Jiyo India member’s Savings Account or through payee cheque within 15 days after the end of each verified bills. The Qualifiers of the Cashback Shall be intimated through email or SMS on Their registered email address and mobile number respectively within 15 days of verification done. The Cashback Program is applicable for all Jiyo Card Holder/s only and is not valid for void transactions. Any queries from Jiyo Cardholders, can be raised only within 10 days after the closure date of the Program.

Other Terms and Conditions

The participation in the cashback Program is entirely voluntary and it is understood, that the participation by the Jiyo India Card Holder/s shall be deemed to have been made on a voluntary basis.

If the Jiyo Card Holder/s ceases to be the Card Holder/s at any time during the currency of the Program, all the benefits under the Program shall lapse and shall not be available to the Card Holder/s. All disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts/tribunals of New Delhi. All communication / notices with regard to this Program should be addressed to The Cashback Team, Jiyo India Private Limited

In all matters relating to the Cashback Program, the decision of Jiyo India shall be final and binding in all respects. These Terms shall be in addition to and not in substitution / derogation to the Primary Terms and Conditions governing the Jiyo Cards of Jiyo India Private Limited. All capitalized terms used but not defined herein shall have the respective meanings ascribed to it in the Primary Terms and Conditions.

Jiyo India reserves the right to modify/ change all or any of the terms applicable to the Program without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever. Jiyo India also reserves the right to discontinue the cashback Program without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever. Jiyo India reserves the right to disqualify any Healthcare Partner Establishment or Card Holder/s from the benefits of the Program if any fraudulent activity is identified as being carried out for the purpose of availing the benefits under the Program or otherwise by use of the Card at an Jiyo India terminal.

The Program is not available wherever prohibited and / or on Healthcare partners /products / services for which such programs cannot be offered for any reason whatsoever.

"Jiyo India Memberships are not insurance schemes or drugs prescription plan"