Ashok Rajgopal

Ashok Rajgopal , Orthopaedics



Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Opposite HUDA City Centre

Dr Rajgopal is an extremely prolific surgeon and a coveted member of several bodies of knee surgeons who have dedicated their careers to advancing the techniques of knee surgery Trabecular Metal implants are the latest cementless implants which are being used routinely by Dr Rajgopal TM as it is populary referred to possesses a high strength to weight ratio with mechanical properties capable of withstanding physiological loading Its compressive strength and elastic modulus are more similar to bone than other prosthetic load bearing materials Dr Rajgopal also became the first Orthopaedic surgeon in India to perform virtual total knee replacement surgery using Patient Specific Instruments Correct alignment is of prime importance in ensuring the longevity and correct functioning of the knee joint This first of its kind surgery in India combines advancements in instrument technology with proven orthopaedic alignment principles in order to give the best fit possible This is done by doing an MRI scan of the affected knee joint which enables us to view the joint in its purest anatomical form to develop a customised surgical plan and size for each individual Predetermined implant sizing eliminates multiple instruments and trials without compromising the surgeons decision making surgical technique and intraoperative flexibility Dr Rajgopal is the member of an elite body of international knee surgeons involved in designing new knee implants the latest being the PERSONA knee system The PERSONA KNEE SYSTEM was launched in September 2013 in India and has virtually revolutionized the concept of knee replacement surgery by creating an almost personalized knee replacement system

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