Frequently Asked Question :

Q. Why should one come to India for Medical Treatments?

A. Indian doctors are internationally renowned for providing high standard treatments with best care. Additionally, the world class infrastructure of the hospitals and the state of the art medical technologies used to cure the patient are highly appreciated everywhere. The cost effective treatment with internationally accepted standards of care attract the medical tourists to come to India for the treatment. Also, India is a favourite holiday destination as well so patients across the globe come here to get the treatments and visit the world famous destinations as well.

Q. What is Medical Tourism?

A.Medical Tourism is a process in which the patients travel to other countries for better and cost effective medical treatments.

Q.Will my health insurance cover the treatment abroad?

A. Yes some health insurance companies cover the treatments abroad but in that case you need to confirm from your health insurance provider prior coming to India for the treatment.

Q.How can I get the Jiyo Code?

A. You need to choose the particular service from the website and then click the option for getting the code. An OTP will be sent on your registered mobile number which you have to put in the required column and thereafter you can get the Jiyo Code.

Q. How do I select hospital/doctor in India?

A. Jiyo India has empanelled only JCI, NABH and ISO certified hospitals with it so the patients may visit the website and can get the detailed information about the hospital. Additionally we also provide the detailed profile of the treating doctors to the patients.

Q.Can’t I access the hospitals/doctors directly?

A. Yes you may, but Jiyo India will assist you in booking appointments, planning your complete medical trip, arranging the visa for you and your attendant and assisting you in food and accommodation. Jiyo India will also facilitate you in getting the “No commitment second opinion” from multiple hospitals.

Q. How will I know about my doctor/hospital?

A. Jiyo India will provide you the detailed profile of the treating doctors and will also arrange the conference call with them so that you may clear all your doubts related to the treatment if you have any. You will also get the details of services provided by the hospital.

Q.How do I get the services?

A. You need to register yourself in the Jiyo India website and create your account with us. Thereafter you may upload the reports and share your concerns. We will get you the opinions of the three best hospitals of our country and you may choose accordingly.

Q. How can we make the payment?

A. You can either exchange the currency at the airport or there a dedicated section for exchanging currency at the hospitals. You can make the payment there.

Q. How can we make the payment?

A. You can either exchange the currency at the airport or there a dedicated section for exchanging currency at the hospitals. You can make the payment there.

Q. How will I contact my relatives overseas?

A. You will be provided a local prepaid sim card which you can use for calling. Else you can inform us and we will assist you with a conference call with your relatives overseas.

Q.What about my follow ups after the treatment?

A. We will assist you with communicating with the doctors post treatment. Also we can arrange a conference call between your treating doctors of India with the treating doctors of your home country. We make sure that your follow up continues till you are recovered completely.

Q.What if I find the treatment inappropriate in the hospital?

A. Though we direct you to the hospitals of high standards with negligible unsuccessful rates, if you still feel unsatisfied then we will direct you to some other hospital.

Q. Who do I communicate in the hospital for my needs and what if I don’t know English?

A. You will be assigned a separate case manager in the hospital with whom you may contact for any requirement; also there is nothing to worry if you don’t know English because we will provide you an interpreter of your language.

Q.Why there is the cost difference of treatments in some countries?

A.Here are some other reasons why the costs are less overseas: Lower cost of labour Lower values of real estate Favourable exchange rates Lower government taxes Less administrative paper shuffling Less bureaucracy/red tape No accounts receivable collections issues with medical tourism patients (cash/credit card payment before release from hospital)

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