Bariatric /Weight loss surgery

Banded gastric bypass


This procedure of bariatric surgery is a blend of the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and the Vertical Banded Gastroplasty. There is an implantation of a plastic band around the stomach pouch in this procedure which results in major restriction for the food intake. Apart from the changes in absorption of food, this process helps in reducing 20% more excess weight than one could shed after any other bariatric surgery.

How is Banded Gastric Bypass performed?

A regular gastric bypass is done, following which a ring of synthetic material is placed around the mid part of the gastric pouch, to prevent it from stretching out.

When the stomach pouch in the gastric bypass was banded initially, an adjustable band was used, like in the regular gastric band operation. It has since been discarded, as the Band has inherent problems. Currently, two types of bands are being used: a Fobi ring, and the Minimizer ring. The Minimizer ring does not actively constrict the pouch, but prevents it form subsequent dilatation (something that happens in the long term in those RNYGB patients who regain weight). This property is likely to be helpful in preventing the erosion that is known in the more tightly and restrictive forms of the band.

How Banded Gastric Bypass helps in the weight loss?

The banded gastric bypass helps the patient in losing weight more consistently. This procedure encourages the patient to have small meals regularly and avoid late weight regain. The long term results of the banded bypass are superior to regular gastric bypass, though band-related complications may lead to a higher number in the negative side of the story. The gastric bands placed inside the body are completely biocompatible and they do not typically cause harm in the body.

What are the benefits of Banded Gastric bypass?

The banded bypass has better long term weight loss than most other procedures, and is a choice in higher BMI patients, as well as in revision surgeries.

Why should I choose Banded gastric Bypass?

If you wish to have continued weight loss over and beyond 5 years, the banded bypass may be a solid bet, since the data supports it. However, do discuss this with your surgeon, as he would be the best judge of whether it is the right fit for you (pun intended)!

FAQs on Bariatric Surgery

What Is Bariatric Surgery?



Laparoscopic Gastric Plication is an advance method under the various procedures of bariatric surgeries. Gastric Plication alters the size of the stomach and restricts the amount of food intake.

How Gastric Plication is performed?

The procedure includes five or six small incisions in the abdomen and operating the process under a laparoscope i.e. a video camera used for performing laparoscopic surgeries. In this minimally invasive surgery, one or more larger folds in the stomach are sewed which reduces the volume of approximately 70% thus making your stomach capable of holding lesser food. It also restricts your excessive diet.

This procedure involves no stapling, cutting or the removal of the stomach or intestine. The gastric plication can likely be reversed or renewed to another method if required.

This process is minimally invasive and takes approximately 1-2 hours to get conducted. Most of the patients stay in the hospital for 1 to 2 days after the process.

How Gastric Plication aids in weight loss?

Gastric Plication is a purely prohibitive method and it reduces the size of the stomach enormously thus restraining the amount of food eaten at a time. It must be kept in mind that this procedure does not curtails the absorption of nutrients or sidestep your intestines. It's just like that you feel your stomach filled even after eating lesser quantity of food and continue to feel full for several hours.

What are the benefits for Laparoscopic Gastric Plication?

A patient who opts for this procedure can definitely hope for the lose 40-70% of their excess body weight after this surgery. Apart from these, many health problems related to obesity like hypertension, diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea and irregular level of cholesterols are improved in more than 80% of the patients undergoing for this procedure. This laparoscopic bariatric procedure concludes in good improvement in these medical conditions in the initial year of the surgery.

Is Laparoscopic Gastric Plication a good choice for me?

Yes it is. Many people who are afraid of going under a knife can burst their myth as it is a minimally invasive procedure that takes the least amount of blood loss. The patient gets back to his normal and healthier life in a very short span of time. You must discuss with your doctor about the choice of the best bariatric procedure for you.



It is a minimally invasive surgical weight-loss process in which the stomach is shortened to about 25% of its actual size by the method of a minimally invasive surgical removal of a huge section of the stomach along with the bigger curve. This results into a tube or sleeve like structure. This process diminishes the size of the stomach permanently, though there could be some expansion of the stomach later in life. It is performed laparoscopically and is irreversible

How Sleeve Gastrectomy is performed?

It happens with the making five or six small incisions in the abdomen and performed with the help of the laparoscope. During this procedure, approximately 75 percent of the stomach is detached and leave behind a narrow gastric tube or "sleeve". The intestines are neither removed nor bypassed during this whole course of action. This process almost takes one to two hours to get accomplished and this short time become beneficial for the patients with strict heart or lung diseases.

How Sleeve Gastrectomy aids in the weight loss?

Sleeve Gastrectomy is a restrictive procedure and limits the amount of the intake of the food by reducing the size of your stomach. It must be kept in mind that this procedure does not curtails the absorption of nutrients or sidestep your intestines. It's just like that you feel your stomach filled even after eating lesser quantity of food and continue to feel full for several hours. Additionally, it decreases the "Ghrelin", a hunger hormone produced by the stomach.

What are the benefits of Sleeve Gastrectomy?

Apart from the improvement in all the health related serious clinical conditions it shows quicker results and improves the quality of life. The hospital stay during the process is also shorter and you can bring yourself back to a normal and better life in a shorter span of time.

Is Sleeve Gastrectomy a better choice for me?

Yes it is if your BMI is more than 55. Apart from this it prevents you from many clinical conditions which originate because of obesity. You must consult your doctor for the best choice for the bariatric surgical procedures

Mini Gastric Bypass


The mini gastric bypass is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that is both restrictive and malabsorbtive. It is also known as single anastomosis gastric bypass and is comparatively a new method that combines the characteristics of both gastric sleeve and roux en y gastric bypass. Apart from reducing the size of the stomach and restricting the amount of food eaten, this process also reduce the absorption of the food by bypassing approximately 6 feet of intestines.

How Mini Gastric Bypass is performed?

In this method the upper part of the stomach is split into a tube and then joined to a curve of intestine. The stomach is divided with the help of a laparoscopic stapler and now the maximum portion of the stomach is no longer hooked with the esophagus and hence will not receive food any more. Now the new stomach is comparatively smaller and shaped like a small tube. The intestines are passed between 5-6 feets and the remaining intestines are attached to the new stomach. The food now runs into the new stomach and bypasses approximately 6 feet of intestine where it continues with the normal digestive process.

How Mini Gastric Bypass helps in losing weight?

There are two ways by which the mini gastric bypass helps you in losing weight.

  • It incredibly trims down the meal eaten at a time so the amount would be a size of a healthy portion.
  • As a result of bypassing approximately 5 to 6 feets of the upper part of the small intestines, the amounts of the calories absorbed is reduced.

Benefits of Mini Gastric Bypass:

There are many featured benefits of mini gastric bypass which includes the short operating time as well. There is lesser re-routining of the intestine which makes it technically easier for the surgeon. This procedure is reversible and lesser expensive too. It's very beneficial for those who take high sugar or fat foods in their diets.

Is Mini Gastric Bypass a better choice for me?

If your BMI is greater than 40 and there is a need for weight reduction for the diabetic medication, you must go for this surgery. It can be utilized as the primary procedure for the weight loss. Additionally, those who have not got the successful result in gastric banding can go for it.