Jiyo India - Services

International Services

Jiyo India is making the upscale treatments cost effective for our international users. We understand that travelling to broad for the treatments costs anyone a lot hence we provide added values to all our patients who come to India for the treatment through us. We maintain the transparency and there are no hidden costs for our premium services.


The hospitals have a range of special departments wherefrom they offer the healthcare related services for treatment of their outdoor/day care patients. The OPD majorly includes doctor’s consultation, dental procedures, physiotherapy and other treatments that do not require patient’s admission.

We have prestigious and specialized hospitals empanelled with us and our Jiyo members can take the advantage of the privilege while availing the services.


Our empanelled diagnostic centres cater specialised pathological tests and all the advanced pathological services are now accessible with additional privilege. You may get the added benefit of home collection and online reports. Now you can keep an eye on your health without worrying about the cost.

Health Packages

Our health packages are exclusively framed for our Jiyo Members keeping their health check requirements on top. The Jiyo members may now even get the health packages at privileged prices.

IPD Admission

We understand that some treatments are too highly priced to be afforded by some people. Jiyo India is now trying to make those treatments cost effective for its Jiyo Members. Our Jiyo members can now choose the hospital and treatments from our website and get it done at privileged prices.

Surgical Packages

Surgery packages may be defined as the customized treatment/surgery procedure for a particular clinical condition. It includes the predefined room rent, doctor’s consultation charges consumable, drugs requires and meals. We provide surgery packages to our Jiyo Members at privilege so that they can get the cost effective treatment with best care and quality.

Tele Medicine

The Telemedicine is an advanced tool these days and for the patients staying in remote areas or for those as well who wants the second opinion but not the hassle of going to hospitals. You may choose the doctors registered with us over the website and choose the suitable slot for second opinion. You may also upload your clinical reports in advance so that the doctor may get the time to go through and advice you in a better way.

Jiyo India is providing an excellent opportunity to all its members to get the opinion online at privileged costs.