Shazzad Hossain From Bangladesh Gets A Successful OPD For Spinal And Rheumatology

Shazzad Hossain From Bangladesh Gets A Successful OPD For Spinal And Rheumatology

“I was preparing to throw a family party and was looking forward to fix a huge meal for everyone,” shares Shazzad Hossain from Bangladesh. Preparing for a family party is usually a time of joy for the entire family, but some years ago this fun time became a time of uncertainty and concern.

I can recall that “It was getting difficult to use my hands and pain was becoming almost a constant,”. “I could barely lift a pot or pan, and I knew something was wrong.”“The toughest aspect for me was the sense that I was losing my independence. I was supposed to be in the prime of my life, enjoying my life with my family. But I was suffering constantly in pain and starting to lose hope.” The doctors there suspected some neuro-spinal problem.

My family was looking for best doctors to diagnose and treat my ailment. They then read reviews of Jiyo India in an online platform and contacted them to seek help. Their first response was so good that my family immediately decided to come India for my treatment. Jiyo India team had given a tailored healthcare package, specially for my healthcare needs, that too within our budget. They not only booked advance appointment from best doctors of India, but also arranged our treatment facilities at top hospital of India. As we got assistance from Jiyo India team even before coming to India, coming to India was a hassle-free process. Our accommodation needs, meals, and every other need was taken care off.

After seeing Dr Bipin Walia&DrArun Saroha(Neuro)&DrP.D.Rath, at Max hospital Saket, I was diagnosed with early onset rheumatoid arthritis and qualified to participate in Successful OPD for spinal and Rheumatology. “Almost immediately, I noticed a difference,” he says. “My pain began to subside and my strength returned. I started feeling normal again.” are the most amazing rheumatologist I have ever seen in my life. They care about their profession and patients in a perfect manner which are a lot more than I can say for most of the specialist I've seen throughout my life. They take their time, listen to their patient and then take their time to research and figure out the absolute best treatment for her patient.

Really, I am thankful to entire Jiyo India team, my doctors at Max Hospital, hospital staff and everyone in India for such a wonderful gesture.

Special thanks to Jiyo India team for suggesting us the best doctors at top hospitals of India for my Successful OPD for spinal and Rheumatology. Just keep doing what you're doing! You are truly a trustworthy healthcare facilitator of India.

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