Ababil Orik From Bangladesh Got Squint Eye Treatment At Best Eye Hospital Of India With Ease

Ababil Orik From Bangladesh Got Squint Eye Treatment At Best Eye Hospital Of India With Ease

I would like to place on record our sincere acknowledgement and appreciation for Jiyo India team that helped me in getting squinteye treatment at “Centre for Sight-Dwarka” with so much ease and perfection. I never thought that I can get rid of my eye troubles without any hassle of choosing best specialists, hospitals, and everything under my budget-constraints.

There is a known saying "Talent is proud that he/she knows too much but Genius is humble that he/she knows no more!!! Jiyo India team, your humility/knowledge/caring attitude is absolutely amazing. You are undoubtedly a master of your field and a great healthcare facilitator of India one can choose for best treatment in India" Not only is the quality of your advice is great but advising me on various fronts to save costs wherever possible just selfless service possible. Truly noble!! I am blessed to have healthcare facilitator like you.

We have no hesitation in recommending Jiyo India team to our near & dear ones.

You helped us in getting treatment for one of the best eye surgeons of India, i.e.Dr Shilpi Diwan. She gave squint eye treatment to me at “Centre for Sight-Dwarka “with so much ease. Her rich experience gave so much confidence to me that I am getting treatment from one of the best doctors. The Jiyo India team was with me throughout the treatment until I travelled back to Bangladesh after successful treatment. Also, when it comes to my eyes, I trust only the very best. This is why I chose Jiyo India to get rid of my glasses. Their servicesare absolutely permanent, and gave me the freedom to choose best healthcare services within my budget. All one can say is Thank You. Most amazing combination of Experience & Technology. The whole Information about the procedure and its advantages was provided in detail by the Jiyo India team. They also gave a customized surgery package based on my Healthcare needs and budget. This package included everything needed while the treatment like medications, pathology services, etc. The cost was very less as compared to other countries.

The Jiyo India staff is very supportive and cooperative. I got to know about Jiyo India from my friends and relatives. I had faced a lot of difficulty while I was diagnosed with squint disease. But with Jiyo India I got its best treatment from best doctors and at top eye hospital of India.

Proud to be associated with you guys. Wishing you all the best!

With love,

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