After about a year MD. Samsul Haque from Bangladesh could Walk Again after a Successful Spinal Decompression Surgery in India

After about a year MD. Samsul Haque from Bangladesh could Walk Again after a Successful Spinal Decompression Surgery in India

MD. Samsul Haque from Bangladesh had been suffering from spine problem for over a year. Till now he had coped with his back-pain with the guidance of local physiotherapists. But with time his pain worsened beyond tolerance and he soon queried for final medical treatments.


Since when are you suffering from Spine Condition?


I am 69 years old right now and was suffering from spine backpain for about a year. I have visited a local specialist in Bangladesh, who investigated through CT & MRI DL spine, wherein report resulted in DV12 facture with cord compression. I tried the aid of physiotherapy but the pain just continued increasing. I couldn’t even sit or walk properly. The pain gradually developed from my lower back to my right leg. I didn’t have any view of why this happened and started looking for medical treatment.


Where did you have your treatment in India?


I had my treatment at Venkateshwar Hospital in New Delhi under Dr. PK Sachdeva- Director & HOD – Neuro spine Unit.


How did your treatment perform at Venkateshwar Hospital?


The treatment was wonderful. According to the recommendations of Dr. Sachdeva, I had endured a spinal decompression surgery at the hospital. It is marvelous because I, who couldn’t even walk or sit for the past couple of months could do so after only 2 days of my surgery done. Dr. P. K. Sachdeva has furnished me with the best treatment in my old age. I feel so happy that now I can go on with my daily routine easily.


How did you decide to have your surgery in India?


My Son & one of his friend (Mr. Ferdos) started searching for the best treatment option in India. They came across the website of Jiyo India. And went through their website and had sent an inquiry.


Did you like Jiyo India’s services?


I highly appreciate Jiyo India for what they have done for me. Immediately after I had posted my enquiry, the patient manager Mr. Rajdeep Das from Jiyo India called us. He helped me a lot in finding the right hospital and qualified specialist for my treatment. He even thoroughly guided me in Bangla & further assisted in applying for a medical visa to India. After I arrived in India, Jiyo India on-ground assistance was at the airport waiting for us. The team from Jiyo India accompanied me to the hospital during my treatment. I thank Jiyo India for their services. They are doing a fabulous job.


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