Battling With Prostate Cancer Was Hassle-Free With Jiyo India

Battling With Prostate Cancer Was Hassle-Free With Jiyo India

The word “cancer” is enough to panic any individual and the same happened with our client. Mohammad Golam Hassan from Bangladesh is one of our patients who was suffering from prostate cancer when his case was brought to us. Jiyo India team got a call from his son-in-law Golam Sarwar who was very worried about his father-in-law’s decreasing health condition due to prostate carcinoma. As they already started initial treatment in Bangladesh, he sent us all details, and then theJiyo India team immediately took charge. We suggested to them the best oncologist for prostate cancer who can provide the best prostate cancer treatment in India.

Right from the time when they contacted us, till complete treatment, Jiyo India team assisted the patient and his family in every step. The journey for best treatment jump-started a whirlwind trip to India where Mohammad Golam Hassan met the Jiyo India team.

Soon after Mohammad Golam Hassan reached India, Jiyo India team helped them with accommodation and other essentials. We had already taken an advance appointment with India’s leading prostate cancer expert, Dr. Rakesh Khera at Medanta Medicity, Delhi NCR. Our team arranged everything for a smooth treatment process. Hence the patient was able to get hassle-free treatment.

"We had an unbelievable hassle-free treatment experience," Golam Sarwar says. "He also told that the people in India are very compassionate. Jiyo India is not in it just for the business sake. Jiyo India team cares."

When the patient met Dr. Rakesh Khera at Medanta Medicity, Delhi NCR for the very first time, he recommended all necessary tests to confirm the ailment. All these tests were done under expert’s supervision, and Jiyo India team had arranged the best pathology services. Soon after this Dr. Rakesh Khera started the treatment without any delay. To make sure that the patient and his family members don’t face any difficulty in a new country, our officers were coordinating with all authorities continuously. We also gave detailed information about how Mohammad Golam Hassan will get treatment.

Golam Sarwar says, that patient’s condition is stable, and he is getting better day by day. It is overwhelming to see good improvement in a prostate cancer patient who lost his hope when he reached us. We feel a great pleasure when the patient and his family members they are happy with our assistance for the best treatment and give us the best wishes for our future

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