Best Cardiology Internal Medicine In India For Tanzilur Rahman Roman From Bangladesh

Best Cardiology Internal Medicine In India For Tanzilur Rahman Roman From Bangladesh

I would like the world to realise how good Jiyo India team is doing for availing the best treatment in India, without troubling patient’s expenses. Right from the time when we contacted them regarding the best help for Cardiology/internal medicine, to travelling India for the treatment, entire treatment process, medications, pathology services, and all other need till my recovery, JiyoIndia assisted us in every step.

They fixed an advance appointment withDr. Ashok Seth from Fortis Escort & Heart Institute and Dr. Rommel Tickooat max hospital without any hassle. Getting treatment from these experts itself was a big deal for us because these doctors and considered best in their respective fields. Their calendarremains blocked well in advance and it is very difficult to get appointments from coming weeks or even months. But as Jiyo India team is collaborated with all best doctors of India and top hospitals in India that are considered best for cardiology and internal medicine, JiyoIndia team booked advance appointment for us.

Consulting these experts was an experience one rarely achieves with a new doctor. From the first moment I had complete & utter confidence on Jiyo India team as well as doctors that they would help make me feel better. I am still not sure how he did it, I just know I had complete faith in their abilities and I continue to hold that faith.

One thingJiyo India team does very well is to explain everything in words I could understand and if he noticed any hesitation on my part, they explained all procedures, meds or other plans to me again. Same is the case with doctors. Jiyo India assigned an officer for us who assisted me throughout the treatment and took care of every need so that I can focus on my treatment without any worry, not even budget constraints. Best part in getting treatment through a healthcare facilitator of India like JiyoIndia is that you get best possible treatment, from senior most experts and at top hospitals of India, without making hole in your pocket.

The teamkept checking with me repeatedly to make sure I fully understood what was happening. They are kind, caring, thoughtful, wise and I believe, very, very smart.

I sincerely hope Jiyo India continues to flourish by helping patients like me from different parts of the world. We need more healthcare facilitators like them to inspire their kind of medical care and strive for better understanding with worldwide patients.

Anchor I truly recommendJiyo India for the best healthcare services in India.

Love, Tanzilur Rahman Roman (Bangladesh)

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