Happy Face Of Rajib Sheikh From Bangladesh After Successful Hepatology Gastroentrology Treatment

Happy Face Of Rajib Sheikh From Bangladesh After Successful Hepatology Gastroentrology Treatment

“I was really impressed by the facility and the level of care that Jiyo India team provided. This is the reason am expressing my happiness of choosing Jiyo India here. They not only suggested us the best Hepatologist/ Gastroentrologist Dr. Subhash Gupta and Dr. Kaushal Madan at Max hospital, but also helped in cost-effective treatment at top hospitals of India. I would recommend Jiyo India to everyone who seek best healthcare services in budget-friendly deals.

There is nothing more you could have done to make what was a simply exceptional process/procedure any better than I had the pleasure to experience (and let’s be honest here we’re talking about a Hepatology, not an evening out for dinner and theater). The whole staff is absolutely remarkable and certainly a credit to the profession!

Your care and services are excellent – Staff is very attentive and caring – They make you feel that you are the only patient they have for the day – Very good with making you feel at ease, explaining procedure, and follow up.

What a genuinely great group of people (warmth, decency, empathy, compassion, bedside manner, humility, etc.) that not only really understand but also epitomize human interaction and service to others. In such a day and age where the medical profession is continually scrutinized, ever changing and under assault, Dr. Subhash Gupta and Dr. Kaushal Madan (and his team!!!) should be recognized as a stellar group of individuals and team.”Jiyo India is helping worldwide population in accessing best treatment from best doctors like them and I think this is why Jiyo India is a leading healthcare facilitator of India.

I don’t think that I would’ve been cared for better at any other country in such mere expenses. The whole Jiyo India team, hospital staff and physician team was friendly and professional, the rooms and gowns were warm, and the preparation and screening protocol very informative and thorough.

I really appreciated Jiyo India’s warm welcome and their ability to help me get the treatment I needed. I would surely recommend Jiyo India to people who are looking for the best Hepatology/Gastroentrology treatment in India, that too without troubling their expenses.


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