How to save money on hospital bills

How to Save Money on Hospital Bills

Negotiating isn’t easy. It requires a lot of time and patience but when your bills start to shrink; you’ll know that the process was worth it.
Non-billable items, double charges and incorrect coding are just some of the factors that contribute to medical billing mistakes. Reviewing everything carefully can save money or lower the medical bills.
Keeping an eye out for charges that don’t sit right will effectively lower your hospital bills when you do your research and don’t allow costly mistakes to slide.

Jiyo India provides cost saving measures for the hospital expenses.
You can save money on lab tests/medical bills/hospital bills and hospital wards by simply producing the Jiyo code at the hospital counter after registering with Jiyo India for free of cost as of now.

How to Save Money on Prescription Medicines

Out-of-pocket costs for prescription medicines can be really a stressful situation. The good news is that there may be ways to save on drug costs. Start by switching to generic options or signing up for a discount program. Some other safe ways to save money on medicine bills are switch to generics drugs, splitting pills, online pharmacies, supplemental coverage, and most importantly, use the medicines wisely.

DO NOT split pills without talking with your provider first. Some drugs may be harmful if split before use.

You can save money at pharmacy by producing Jiyo India’s membership card at the counter and enjoy the available discounts. You can also save money on prescriptions by simply generating Jiyo code from our website,

How to save money on prescription medicines
How to get discounted offers on beauty clinics/salons

How to Save Money on Beauty Treatments

Everybody wants to look beautiful. However, just like a garden, beauty needs maintenance and care that can be best provided by a professional. Going to a beauty salon can provide many benefits that you simply cannot receive at your home. Such a visit can do miracles for your looks and self-confidence. That is why you should not hesitate and put off taking care of your appearance.

Jiyo India provides you a platform wherein you can enjoy best beauty deals, beauty vouchers/coupons, salon discount offers and other services at the discounted prices. Get your registration done and enjoy the discounts up to 40% with the leading brands.

How to Get Discount on Gym Membership

Exercise is important, both mentally and physically. It helps in controlling weight, preventing heart diseases and keeping mental health balanced and fit.

The times we live in make us want to escape into another world every so often, even if it's just for a few hours, to shut off from external stimulation. This urgent need to 'get away', especially in the urban scenario, is becoming an increasing reality. This is where a day spa can be a blessing, a place that helps you to indulge in some much-needed 'me' time, to switch off and relax, recharge, reflect, detox and beautify.

With Jiyo India, one can enjoy all the benefits and discount on gym membership and spa services available from our recognized service providers. After the registration, user can find affordable gyms, spa packages in Delhi/Ncr, spa coupons, and many more from a single membership card.

How to get discounted offers on gym & spa services

How to claim Mediclaim Cashback

Mediclaim health insurance provides a facility by which you can either have a cashless treatment done in the hospitals or if the hospitalization is an emergency, you will be reimbursed for the expenses provided you inform the insurer within the stipulated time frame. Such policies will save you from these sudden shocks in life.

You can now earn extra cashback on Jiyo India using Mediclaim/Health insurance policies. Medical claim processing and its cashback can be obtained through a simplest way. Just click on the CASHBACK button available on home page of Jiyo India website ( or mobile app available on play store and I-tunes. Place your cashback request by uploading such hospital bills where cashback is applicable and enjoy the benefits.

One of the best ways to save money on health care costs is to stay healthy.