• What is the indication for Coronary Angiogram?
  • A) Chronic chest discomfort or angina pectoris must be given with immediate medical attention. Coronary angiogram helps diagnosis the cardiac problem with high accuracy. Coronary angiogram is indicated in coronary heart diseases for attaining the accurate pathology.
  • How to attain visa for medical purpose in India?
  • A) Visa to India can be obtained through medical service providers or hospitals where the surgery is planned. India is issuing visa for the patients as well as accompaniers for visiting India for medical purpose.
  • What is the duration of stay required for coronary angiogram procedure in India?
  • A) Angiogram procedure does not require stay at the hospital. The procedure of angiogram can be completed within few hours.
  • What is the benefit of coronary angiogram in India?
  • A) Affordable cost and accuracy are the benefits of coronary angiogram procedure in India. India can chosen by the individuals planning good quality medical procedures.
  • How to find the top hospitals for coronary angiogram in India?
  • A) Medical service providers can be approached for finding the top hospitals in India. The medical service providers in India assure the best and affordable service for the guests who are planning visit to India.
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