1. What is the duration of stay required for the corpus callostomy surgery?
  1. Time period for corpus callostomy surgery may vary from patient to patient. The duration of minimum 5-7 days are required for the surgical procedures.
  1. What is easiest possible method of finding best medical centers for corpus callostomy surgery?
  1. Approaching medical service providers is easiest way of finding the best medical centers.
  1.  What are the diagnostic measures used in assessing seizures?
  1. Electroencephalogram is the method of diagnosis used to diagnose the event of seizures. The procedures like Magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography is also done to find out the presence of lesions within the brain soft tissue.
  1. How to find the top hospitals for corpus callostomy surgery?
  1. The top hospitals for corpus callostomy in India can be found through the best medical service providers.
  1.  What is possibility of visa for medical purpose in India?

A.  Visa for medical purpose can be attained through hospitals or medical service providers. The government of India is issuing separate visa for patients as well as accompanying individuals for visiting India.


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