When do you need a kidney transplant?

Our kidneys are busy organs, on an average they filter about 45 gallons of blood per day. When due to some or other issue they stop working all the waste and fluid with which they deals compiles in our body. For treating the extreme kidney damage commonly known as kidney failure there are two ways:

1. Dialysis
2. Transplantation

Doctors prefer transplantation over dialysis because survival rates after a transplant surgery are much higher than the life expectancy of patients undergoing dialysis. The other reasons why one should get a kidney transplant surgery are as follows:

  • Better life: you will not have to spend your time in the process of dialysis every week. This will give you room to live a normal life by following your daily routine.
  • More energy and less restrictions: those who remains on dialysis has to follow strict diet routines at any cost. But after a successful kidney transplant you will not have to be too strict on yourself. Plus as the time will pass you will become more energetic as you don’t have to be in the hassle of consistent treatment procedures.
  • Lesser long-term health issues- it has been observed that those patients who are on dialysis are prone to acquire more long-term diseases than those who prefer transplantation.
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