• 1) What is shoulder labrum or glenoid labrum?
  • A) The fibrocartilaginous rim which covers the glenoid cavity margin is known as shoulder labrum or glenoid labrum. Glenoid labrum helps in adding depth to the glenoid cavity.
  • 2) Which ligaments add stability and depth to the gleno-humeral articulation?
  • A) The capsular ligament, transverse humeral ligament and glenoid labrum together adds depth and stability for gleno-humeral articulation.
  • 3) What is the easiest way of attaining visa to India for medical purpose?
  • A) Visa can be attained through medical service providers or hospitals for medical purpose in India.
  • 4) How to find the top hospitals for Shoulder labral tear surgery in India?
  • A) Medical service providers can be approached for finding the top hospitals performing shoulder labral tear surgery in India.
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