Ankle arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is a method of minimal invasive endoscopy used in monitoring the joints. The method is used in all major joints for learning the pathology of the joint disorders. The endoscopic procedure performed in the ankle is called as ankle arthroscopy. A small stab wound is made in the joint to introduce and examine the joint.

Ankle arthroscopy in India

Arthroscopy is a technique of surgical procedure used in joint treatment. Arthroscopy method uses a thin telescope tip called arthroscope to examine the interior of a joint. The method of arthroscopy is used in diagnosis as well as treatment. The arthroscope diagnosis is followed by inserting micro instruments through another small and similar opening.

The conditions indicated for ankle arthroscopy are traumatic deformities, neoplasms, degenerative changes or inflammatory changes. In general the symptoms of ankle joint disorder include crepitus, pain, swelling and discoloration. India is one among the major medical hub for performing orthopedic medical procedures with high success rates. The medical education system in India is producing doctors with high quality and efficiency.

Ankle arthroscopy doctors in India

The method of ankle joint arthroscopy is performed by a group of orthopedic surgeons. The procedures of,

  • Correction of anterior impingement
  • Loose body removal
  • Chondroplasty
  • Synovectomy
  • Synovial biopsy and
  • Arthrodesis – are performed as ankle joint arthroscopies.

The method of arthroscopy is a minimally invasive technique performed on day care basis. The immobilization of knee for 48 hours is required after the arthroscopic procedure. Arthroscopy is used in the better assessment of joints. The arthroscope comprises of a light source, optic fiber cable, camera and a monitor. The micro instruments associated with arthroscopy are probes, cutters, graspers, scissors and knife. The procedure is needs high attention and precision from the performing surgeon. Insertion, monitoring and performing surgery is done at the same time by the surgeon in arthroscopic management of ankle joint. The orthopedic doctors in India are highly capable of managing all medical conditions with utmost care and success rate.

Benefits of ankle arthroscopy in India

India is one among the major destination for medical travelers. The specialty centers are having high facilities and highly qualified doctors. The medical assistance service providers in India is also the best with all services including travel and stay for medical procedures. The visa procedures are also done by the medical service providers for making the governmental procedures in India approachable and easy. The Ankle arthroscopy cost in India is also affordable compared to other countries.

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