Arterial Switch Operation Cost in India

This medical procedure is an open surgery to manage the transposition of great arteries. The transposition of great artery cause reversal of blood flow in the body. The reversal of blood vessels may lead to improper circulatory functions in the body.

Risk factors leading to the transposition of blood vessels in New Born

The Arterial Switch is a developmental disorder. All abnormal activities during pregnancy may lead to various disabilities in a newborn baby. Unwholesome and unhealthy acts are the major risk factors for causing developmental disorders. The activities like drinking alcohol, smoking, internal administration of medicines without approaching a specialist etc. are also not suggestive during pregnancy period.

Symptoms in the body due to the transposition of arteries

Bluish discoloration and short breathing are the major observable symptom in the condition of transposition of arteries.

Arterial switch operation procedure in India

The medical procedure done for the correction of this condition is reaching the blood vessels through the Median Sternotomy. It is done in order to divert the blood flow in the proper channel.

Types of Transposition of Arteries

  • Dextro-transposition of arteries
  • Levo-Transposition of arteries- the types of arterial transposition.

The Dextro type of transposition is having a reversal of blood flow. In Levo transposition, the upper chambers of the heart are also reversed so that the blood reception will be proper in this type of transposition.

Benefits of this medical procedure in India

The best Arterial switch hospitals can be experienced in India. India is having the best facility medical centers with highly qualified medical professionals. The medical education system in India is highly advanced. The advanced system helps in creating professionals of high efficiency and capability.

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