Artificial spine lumbar disc replacement

The diseased or degenerated inter vertebral disc is replaced with synthetic material called as artificial disc. The degenerated disc is completely replaced with artificial disc in the replacement surgery. The procedure relieves the back pain and associated symptoms related with the degenerated disc disorder.

Artificial spine lumbar disc replacement surgery in India

India is one among the major hub for neurological as well as orthopedic procedures. The proper diagnosis is most important before the treatment. The accuracy of the degenerated or herniated site must be noted through the radiological measures like magnetic resonance imaging, computerized tomography scan. X-ray is one among the good diagnosing tool for attaining the initial diagnosis.

Artificial spine lumbar disc replacement doctors in India

The doctors in India are the best in making proper diagnosis in a medical condition. The replacement procedures are used in the disc degeneration and disc herniation. The surgical method of placing artificial disc at the place of normal vertebral disc is the intention of the surgery.

The success rate of artificial disc replacement surgery is high in India. The patient can get relieved from the symptoms in a short duration of time. The individual who underwent replacement surgery can get back into normal life immediately after a small break post to the surgery.

Benefits of Artificial spine lumbar disc replacement in India

India has good doctors and super specialty centers with all facilities to undergo complex surgical procedures. The neurology medical centers in India is having all the best and upgraded facilities for assuring high success rates for all the medical procedures. The Artificial spine lumbar disc replacement cost in India is also affordable compared to other countries.

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