Balloon Septostomy Cost in India

Balloon septostomy is the method of mechanical opening of the septum in congenital heart disease for proper oxygenated blood circulation to the heart. The method uses a catheter for performing the manipulation.

Indication for balloon atrial septostomy

The de-oxygenated blood in congenital heart disease is the major indication for this medical procedure. The cause of such heart disease is idiopathic or not clearly known. The genetic abnormality, drug intake during pregnancy etc. are considered as the possible causative factors of heart diseases which are congenital in nature.

Balloon atrial septostomy procedure

The method used is a catheter-guided procedure to expand the congenital space in the septum to ensure proper oxygenated blood flow. The inflating balloon in balloon septostomy helps in the enlargement of septal opening to supply more oxygenated blood to the required chamber of the heart. This medical procedure is a palliative measure used in septal defect.

What are the Risk factors of balloon atrial septostomy?

The success rate of this group of diseases depends on the nature of the disease, the capability of the doctor and the availability of facilities. The risk of rupture of walls, vessels, and other tissues may occur during this medical procedure. According to the site of rupture, the risk in managing process also varies. Choosing the best center with experienced surgeon as well available facilities can reduce the risks in Balloon Atrial septostomy.

What are the benefits of Balloon atrial septostomy in India?

The Septostomy procedure is highly affordable in India. The availability of best doctors and medical centers can be experienced in India. The people who wish high-quality treatment in affordable rate can choose India as their medical destination. India is also known for the availability of good quality medical service providers who are capable of giving the complete services including travel, accommodation, and treatment in highly reasonable rates.


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