Biventricular Pacing Cost in India

Biventricular pacing also called as Cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT).In this process, an external battery supported pacemaker is placed under the skin through the surgical process. Heart failure or reduced functioning of heart muscles can be treated using this method. Biventricular pacing for atrioventricular block and systolic dysfunction is performed with high success rate. The pacing procedure is a life-saving medical process.

What are the indications for biventricular pacing?

The delay in contraction or week pumping by heart must be given with immediate medical care. These conditions are the major indication for biventricular pacing. The SA node in the heart generates the electrical signals required for the heart functioning.

What is biventricular pacing? What is rectified through biventricular pacing?

The external installation of pacemaking device to conduct electrical signals through leads is called biventricular pacing. The impulses are sent to the right atrium, right ventricle and left ventricle. The electrical impulses to the heart chambers are rectified through this surgical procedure. The pacemaker placed under the skin will add required electrical activity through leads connected to the chambers. The performance of heart functioning is normalized after this pacing procedure.

What are the symptoms and causes of heart failure?

Tiredness and discomfort over the chest region are the major symptoms of heart failure. The conduction and circulation impairments are the leading causes of heart failure. The people experiencing such a medical condition must approach cardiology specialist for a good opinion.

What are the major risk factors for heart failure?

The lack of proper exercises, smoking, and unhealthy diet is the major risk factors for heart disorders. Hereditary factor also may lead to such medical conditions.

The Benefits of Biventricular pacing treatment in India

India is known for the good quality hospitals and best medical services. The medical education in India is of a high standard. India is also famous for highly affordable cardiology procedures. The biventricular packing cost in India is also affordable.

Preventive aspect is the best measure to keep away cardiac diseases. Positive changes in lifestyle can help in preventing a wide range of chronic diseases.

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