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Boutonniere deformity treatment

A deformity may arise due the abnormality in a bone, joint or soft tissues. Boutonniere deformity arises due to the injury to the tendon which straightens the middle joint of the finger.

Boutonniere deformity treatment in India

The neurology and orthopedic branches are well developed in India. The injured extensor tendon limits or prevents the movement of interphalangeal joint. The deformity is caused due a direct blow on the joint. The top side blow causes the extensor tendon damage. A direct cut of the tendon also may cause Boutonniere deformity. In certain individuals Boutonniere deformity is also caused due arthritis of finger joints.

The symptoms of the Boutonniere deformity include pain, swelling and inability to straighten the middle joint of the respective finger. Indian neurology and orthopedics centers assure good quality treatment and success rate.

Boutonniere deformity treatment doctors in India

The doctors managing Boutonniere deformity in India are neurologists and orthopedics specialists. The Boutonniere deformity management includes surgical as well non surgical measures. The treatment includes primary repair, delayed repair and tendon transfer. Secondary repair includes tendon grafting and tendon transfer method uses another dispensable tendon for repair. In several conditions non surgical methods like splint and bandaging are used. The internal medications are necessary to cure the symptoms like pain and swelling.

Benefits of Boutonniere deformity treatment in India

India has good neurologists and neurology super specialty centers with all facilities to undergo complex surgical procedures. Neurology branches in the super specialty hospitals have proven their efficiency with high success rate in cardiology procedures. Best neurologists in India and best specialty centers can be approached through the medical assistance service providers in India by using the information technology. The cost of Boutonniere deformity treatment in India is also affordable compared to other countries.

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