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Brain Tumor surgery

The brain tumors are the neoplasm formation of either benign or malignant in nature. There are different types of tumors based on the origin.

Brain Tumor surgery in India

India is one among the major medical hub for performing medical procedures with high success rates. The medical education system in India is producing doctors with high quality and efficiency. Meningioma and Glioma are the most common types of tumors found in brain tissue.

The common types of brain tumor include,

  • Glioma
  • Meningioma
  • Tumors of nerve sheath
  • Adenoma of pituitory gland

The signs and symptoms of brain tumor includes, head ache due compression of nerves due to the neoplasm growth. The other general symptoms are vomiting and gait abnormalities. The cranial nerve palsies and minor mental changes also can be experienced in a patient with brain tumor. The symptoms of brain tumor vary according to the lobe in which tumor is present.

The diagnosis is done with the help of magnetic resonance imaging or computerized tomography scan. Proper diagnosis leads to a perfect treatment of a disease. There are no known causes for brain tumors. The genetic changes are considered as the risk factors of brain tumor.

Brain Tumor surgery doctors in India

The neurology specialist doctors in India are highly capable of managing all medical conditions with utmost care and success rate. The major treatments for brain tumor include chemotherapy and surgery. The craniotomy is performed in the complete or partial excision of the tumor. Less invasive methods like removing tumor through nostrils are also performed in India.

Benefits of Brain Tumor surgery in India

India is one among the major destination for medical travelers. The specialty centers are having high facilities and highly qualified doctors. The medical assistance service providers in India is also the best with all services including travel and stay for medical procedures. The visa procedures are also done by the medical service providers for making the governmental procedures in India approachable and easy. The Brain Tumor surgery cost in India is also affordable compared to other countries.

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