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Cardiac Tumour Treatment Cost in India

The cardiac tumors can be malignant or benign in nature. The tumor can impair the normal functions and structure of heart. The tumors are also classified primary and metastatic. Benign tumors are more common in occurrence than the malignant one.

Cardiac Tumor Treatment in India

There are two kinds of cardiac tumors.

Benign tumors:


  • Myxoma
  • Lipoma
  • Hemangioma and
  • Fibroma –are the major types of benign cardiac tumors.

Malignant tumors



  • Sarcoma and Lymphoma are the major malignant tumors related to cardiology.


The metastatic variants like Melanoma and Leukemia can reach heart.

The symptoms and signs experienced by the presence of tumors:

  • Abnormal heart rhythm
  • Inflammation to the pericardium
  • Chest discomfort due to obstructed blood flow etc. can be experienced by a cardiac patient.

How to diagnose the tumors in heart?

The procedures like Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) scanning and Echocardiography can be done to diagnose the tumors present in heart.

Cardiac Tumor Treatment doctors in India

The methods of treatment used for cardiac tumor is excision and palliative care. The excision is done in primary benign cardiac tumors. The doctors in India are skillful and experienced in cardiac tumors and associated symptoms. The tumor excision is done with giving complete protection to the myocardium and circulation. The malignant metastatic tumors are managed with palliative care of chemo therapy.

Benefits of Cardiac Tumor Treatment in India

The availability of high quality centers and high efficient doctors can be experienced in India. The super specialty cardiology centers in India assure high success rate in Cardiology procedures. The medical assistance service providers in India are the best in serving guests with all initial to final procedures for medical purpose. The medical assistance providers in India assure affordable Cardiac tumor treatment cost in India.

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