Cemented total hip replacement

Cemented total hip replacement

The hip-joint is a ball and socket joint formed by acetabular cavity of hip bone and head of femur. Joint capsule and the associated ligaments also add additional stability to the joint. Total hip replacement is a surgery used in the management of impaired hip joint. Cemented total hip replacement is one among the method of hip replacement used in elderly people for treating degenerated hip joint.

Cemented total hip replacement in India

The orthopedic medical centers in India are having all the upgraded facilities for treating various disorders. Fractures affecting the joint, necrosis and myositis ossificans are the major conditions that are indicated for cemented total hip replacement. The major symptoms of these conditions are impaired movement, pain, crepitus and discomfort. The total hip replacement is also performed in the cases of different degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The total hip replacement must be chosen as a final option. Non operative methods for treating hip must be attempted before finalizing the cemented total hip replacement surgery. The diagnostic measures like hip arthroscopy, X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging are used in the assessment of hip-joint prior to surgery.

Cemented total hip replacement doctors in India

The orthopedic specialists in India are specially trained in performing wide range of surgical measures. In the cemented total hip replacement surgery the acetabulum is replaced by a cup made of high density polyethylene and head of femur is replaced by a cobalt-chromium alloy. In cemented total hip replacement surgery both these structures are fixed with the help of cement. The cemented total hip replacement is suggestive in elderly people. 10-15 years are the minimum expected life of the cemented prosthesis.

Benefits of cemented total hip replacement in India

India is a country with well established orthopedic medical centers. The specialty medical centers are having high facilities and highly qualified doctors. Cemented total hip replacement cost in India is also affordable compared to other countries.

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