Cochlear Implant

Cochlear implant is an electronic device that can provide useful hearing and improved communication abilities for persons who have severe to profound sensorineural loss of hearing and who are not benefited by the aids used for hearing.Cochlearimplantation cost in India is highly affordable compared to other countries.

Electrical stimulation is manipulated in the functioning of a cochlear implant. The auditory nerve is stimulated for attaining the target. The method is attempted in case of degeneration of cochlear hair cells has reached to that extend so that the amplification provided by the hearing aid is no longer effective.

Parts of a cochlear implant

A cochlear implant is having external and internal part

  • External component- it consists of a transmitter and a speech processor. Behind ear or body worn type of speech processors are used in such implants.
  • Internal component- This internal component is implanted surgically and comprises an electrode array.

The whole procedures are performed by the best otolaryngologists in India.The candidate election or candidacy profile depend on various factors. The following criteria measures candidacy for implantation

  • Bilateral severe sensorial hearing loss
  • No benefit from hearing aid
  • No contraindication for surgery
  • Realistic expectations and
  • Adequate cognitive function to be able to use this device

The successful clinical impressions of cochlear implant are,

  • Previous auditory experience
  • Younger age of implantation
  • Shorter duration of deafness and
  • Neural spasticity within the auditory system

India is considered to be the hub for all ear related disorder treatment.Highly affordable cost and the best cochlear implantation doctors in India are key attraction factor for individuals for choosing India as their medical destination.

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