Coronary Angiogram

The coronary angiogram is a radiology test done to track the coronary circulation in an individual. It is a method of X-ray procedure with the help of a dye in coronary circulation.

Coronary Angiogram in India

The coronary angiogram is used in cardiac catheterization procedure. The special dye is injected to the blood and X-ray is taken for understanding the coronary circulation. The coronary angiogram taken helps to understand the pathology in various cardiac diseases. In India the angiogram is done before all major cardiology procedures for attaining the accuracy in diagnosis.

The inert lifestyle and unhealthy food habits are the major causative factors which lead to coronary heart diseases. The habit of smoking is considered as the precipitating factor for causing coronary artery plaque formation and block. Planning a healthy lifestyle and adding exercise can avoid the risks like coronary heart diseases.

Coronary Angiogram doctors in India

Medical system in India is highly advanced with all the upgraded facilities for attaining high success rates and accuracy. The doctors in India is experienced and specialized in performing cardiology procedures with high success rates and accuracy.

Cardiac complaints require proper diagnosis for treatment procedures. The treatment is done based on the radiology results. The procedure like catheterization is done with the help of radiological measures.

The symptoms like chest discomfort, angina pectoris and breathlessness must be given with immediate medical care. Angiogram helps to rule out the pathology in such conditions.

Risk factors of coronary angiogram

  • Abnormal heart rhythm
  • Variation in blood pressure
  • Bleeding from the vessels in rare cases may occur.

The coronary angiogram is followed by strict rest for the given time period by concerned cardiology specialist.

Benefits of coronary angiogram in India

The availability of high quality centers and high efficient doctors can be experienced in India. The super specialty cardiology centers in India assure high success rate in Cardiology procedures. The medical assistance service providers in India are the best in serving guests with all initial to final procedures for medical purpose. The coronary angiogram cost in India is also affordable compared to other countries.

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