Corpus callosotomy

  The seizure disorder due to abnormal electrical activity of the brain is called as epilepsy. The surgical palliative measure taken for controlling seizure is called as corpus callosotomy. The procedure helps to reduce the rate and speed of epileptic attack.

 Corpus Callosotomy Surgery in India

   India is a major destination for all medically related procedures. The traditional surgical procedure of craniotomy is used in corpus callosotomy. The recent less invasive methods also are used in corpus callosotomy surgery. There are two types of corpus callosotomy namely anterior corpus callosotomy and posterior corpus callosotomy. The electroencephalogram is the method of diagnosis used to diagnose the event of seizures. The procedures like Magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography is also done to find out the presence of lesions within the brain soft tissue.  Proper and accurate diagnosis lead in fixing appropriate treatment measure. The treatment of seizure includes medications as well as surgical measures.

Corpus Callosotomy Surgery Doctors in India

  The doctors in India are eminent and efficient in managing all kind of medical conditions. The corpus callosum generated seizures are managed with the help of medications and surgical measures. The surgery is planned as a final step of the seizure treatment. The procedure of corpus callosotomy is done with the help of craniotomy. The craniotomy is done with the help of general anesthesia. The results of surgery are highly positive with the reduced attack of seizures and increased quality of life.

Benefits of Corpus callosotomy surgery in India

  India has good doctors and super specialty centers with all facilities to undergo complex surgical procedures. Best doctors in India and best specialty centers can be approached through the medical assistance service providers in India by using the information technology. The Corpus callosotomy surgery cost in India is also affordable compared to other countries.

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