Epilepsy treatment

Epilepsy is a group of conditions in which altered cerebral function causing recurrent episodes of seizures. The seizures in epilepsy are generated with the excessive and hypersynchronous electrical activity by the neurons. The seizures in an epileptic disorder may be convulsive or non-convulsive.

Epilepsy treatment in India

The neurosciences departments in the super specialty centers of India are among the first-rate in providing satisfying results and other services. The condition of epilepsy is one among the major categories managed in the neurology centers in India.

In general seizures are classified in to,

  • Focal seizures
  • Generalized seizures and
  • Epileptic spasm

The juvenile myoclonic epilepsy exhibit bilateral myoclonic jerk and responds well to medication. The diagnostic triad of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome includes multiple seizure types, wave discharges and slow spike and impairment in cognitive function.

The precipitating factors of epilepsy include emotional stress, sleep problems, infections, mental problems, hormonal imbalance and noise.

The causes of epilepsy are divided into primary and secondary divisions. The primary cause of epilepsy is unknown and considered to have genetic origin. The secondary causes include infections, vascular diseases, trauma, anoxia, metabolic errors, drugs, toxins and tumors. The clinical features of epilepsy are seizures, changes in face and limbs, turning of eyeballs to the sides, mood changes and hallucinations. The investigations include ECG, EEG, lab investigations, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography, single photon emission computerized tomography and MEG.

Epilepsy treatment doctors in India

The doctors in the neurosciences department of the neurology specialized centers are highly experienced and the best in managing the condition of epilepsy. The immediate care to the patient includes keeping the patient away from the dangerous things, avoiding precipitating factors, keeping airway clean and keeping a kerchief between teeth to prevent the tongue biting. The major treatments include medications, vagus nerve stimulation and surgery. The temporal lobectomy, lesionectomy, hemispherectomy and stereo tactic radio-surgery are performed in the management of epilepsy.

Merits of epilepsy treatment in India

The doctors as well as medical centers in India are of first-rate in experience and service. Best doctors in India and best specialty centers can be approached through the medical assistance service providers in India by using the information technology. The epilepsy treatment cost in India is also affordable compared to other countries.

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