Heart Bypass Surgery (CABG) Cost in India

The bypass surgery is a method used to rectify the blood flow through a blocked blood vessel using another vessel taken from the body. The other vessel taken is called a bypass graft. In general, a bypass graft is taken from a saphenous vein segment. The coronary artery is by-passed and called as coronary artery bypass grafting.

CABG Surgical Procedure

The Saphenous graft is anastomosed with the aorta and coronary artery in CABG. The procedure is open heart surgery. Nature and time required for surgery depend on the type of graft used in the procedure.

To whom CABG is indicated:

Coronary artery bypass grafting is indicated in Ischaemic heart diseases. The medical conditions caused due to interrupted blood flow to a region in the body leading to impairment in functioning or loss of function is called Ischaemia.

What is the etiology behind Ischaemic heart diseases?

Atherosclerosis is the major cause of Ischaemic heart diseases. The males are comparatively more prone to this category of diseases. The diseases like diabetes, hypothyroidism and high cholesterol condition are seen in association with Ischaemic heart diseases.

Pathology in Ischaemic heart diseases

The Atherosclerotic plaque formation within the blood vessel is responsible for the ischaemic heart problems. The initial part of the coronary artery is the major site of the block. The incomplete plaque formation in the beginning gradually grows into a complete block in vessels.

What is the initial sign of a Coronary artery block?

Angina pectoris the pain felt on the left side of the heart with radiating nature is the initial sign of coronary artery block.

Types of CABG

  • Single graft
  • Double graft
  • Triple graft – are the types of CABG

Cardiology in India

India has super specialty centers with all facilities to undergo complex surgical procedures. Cardiology branches in the super specialty hospitals have proven their efficiency with a high success rate in cardiology procedures. Ischaemic heart disease is one among the medical conditions managed in India with the complete cure from the symptoms. Best cardiologist in India and best specialty centers can be approached through the medical assistance service providers in India by using the information technology.

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