Cardiac Surgery- One of its own type!

Gone are those days when Cardiovascular surgical techniques were outside the limits of acceptability as well as propriety at the same time.
It is absolutely remarkable to see that cardiac surgeries for treating heart disease are very much acceptable globally now. We are living in a world where we have best in class Cardiologist and high-tech surgical equipment to do précised cardiac surgery with an ease.

Things we all should know about Cardiac surgery

1. What is Cardiac Surgery & what is the purpose behind performing it?

2. Types of Cardiac Surgery.

3. Post-surgery care.

Let’s begin and dive into details of these topics;

1. What is Cardiac Surgery & what is the purpose behind performing it?

Heart surgery is done to rectify any kind of life-threatening ailment related to our heart, arteries or other valves. Depending upon your health condition, a cardiologist can perform open-heart surgery or even minimally invasive heart surgery to treat cardiovascular disease.
Purpose- It is done mainly for giving a better and ease life to the patient by making your heart function properly.

2. Types of Cardiac Surgery.

There are 4 main types of cardiovascular surgery. Take a glance at them;

Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG):

This is one of the most common types of surgery that every cardiologist prefers. If you are suffering from severe coronary artery disease/ coronary heart disease (CHD), then your cardiologist will prefer CABD because it helps in improving the blood flow to our heart.

Aortic valve replacement (AVR):

This is the best way to treat aortic valve disease. The aortic valve is responsible for controlling the blood flow between the ventricle (left) and the aorta (the largest artery in our body). Hence, AVR involves replacement of an artificial valve after the careful removal of the diseased valve.

Mitral valve replacement (MVR):

Mitral valve is present between the left atrium and the left ventricle (left heart chambers). So, depending upon the condition of mitral valve or mitral valve disease, the any best cardiac surgeon in India can suggest Mitral Valve Repair or Mitral valve replacement, including the minimally invasive heart surgery or open-heart surgery. The cardiologist will prefer either ‘Annuloplasty’ or ‘Valvuloplasty’. When you have mitral valve regurgitation, the blood in our heart does not flow in a right way.

Bentall procedure:

This is done to treat any issues with ‘aorta’ that carries oxygen-rich blood from our heart to the whole body. So, if your aortic valve does not close properly (Aortic regurgitation), aorta has widened (an Aortic aneurysm), the inner line of layer of aorta has begun to tear or is already torn (Aortic dissection) or if you are suffering from Marfan’s syndrome (weak aortic wall since birth), then you may undergo Bentall procedure.

The cardiologist can also do cardiac catheterization in case of coronary artery disease, a disease of the aorta and heart valve disease. In Cardiac catheterization, the cardiothoracic surgeon inserts a narrow tube k/s catheter into the blood vessel to see the exact image of your heart. This is what is done in Angioplasty. A special X-ray machine is attached to the Cather for this.

3. Post-surgery care

The aftercare depends on person to person. But, if you undergo open-heart surgery, then you will be in ICU for around 2 days. Ventilator support is preferred in initial hours to let the patient breathe properly. Depending upon your improvement, you will be moved to the special cardiac unit for further monitoring. If everything goes well, you may stay in the hospital’s regular room till you see the respiratory and physical therapist to guide you about getting back to normal life. They may suggest a special diet, medications, and a few lifestyle changes.

Once you are released from the hospital, a regular hospital visit to cardiologistmay require till complete recovery. For minimally invasive surgery the recovery time is less compared to heart transplant surgery.

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