Heart Transplant Cost in India

Heart transplantation is the surgical replacement of heart. The medical conditions which are unapproachable through medications and surgical procedures are replaced with the transplantation procedure. The transplanted heart is received from a donor after matching process done by transplantation specialists.

Indication for heart transplantation

Heart replacement or transplantation is done as a final life saving procedure. In some medical conditions heart will not respond properly to medications and surgical measures. In such medical conditions heart transplantation is indicated. The type of heart transplant and procedures depends upon the nature of heart failure in the patient.M

Risk factors in Heart transplantation

The mismatching indication by the body is the major risk in heart transplantation. The medications to prevent rejection of the donor heart by the body must be followed according to the given prescription. The compulsory life-long intake of medications for the life period is a must after heart transplant.

The transplantation is contraindicated in an individual with advanced stages of systemic disorders and well developed cancer.

The type of heart transplant and procedures

  • Orthotopic
  • Heterotopic are the two types of heart transplant procedures.

In Orthotopic procedure the patient’s heart is replaced the donor heart. Orthotopic transplantation frequency is comparatively high. In Heterotopic transplantation the donor’s heart assist the patient’s to pump properly. The Orthotopic and Heterotopic are open surgeries.

The survival rate of heart transplantation

The average survival duration after transplant is 10 years and above. The survival duration of above 20 years are also achieved in heart transplantation.

Benefits of heart transplantation in India

The availability of high quality centers and high efficient doctors can be experienced in India. The super specialty cardiology centers in India assure high success rate in Cardiology procedures. The medical assistance service providers in India are the best in serving guests with all initial to final procedures for medical purpose.

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