Hodgkin Disease Treatment

The disease manifesting in the body with painless and progressive enlargement of lymph node is called Hodgkin's disease. The onset of this of this disease is about a decade earlier than lymphosarcoma and reticulosarcoma. The incidence increases in young age and it is uncommon in children.Hodgkin's disease treatment in India is considered to be the best among contemporaneous countries.

The symptoms of this disease are more local except in acute cases. The most common presentation of this disease is the progressive and painless enlargement of the lymph node. Axillary and inguinal lymph node enlargement also can be observed in an individual with Hodgkin's disease. General symptoms like, fever, night sweat, weight loss and pruritis are also seen associated with this condition.Oncologists in India have made great advance in the management of Hodgkin's disease.

In general there are four clinical staging for Hodgkin's disease.

Stage 1 marks the involvement of a single extra lymphatic organ on site.

Stage 2- involvement of two or more lymph node regions on the same side of the diaphragm, which may include extra lymphatic organ or site.

Stage 3- Involvement of lymph node regions on both sides of the diaphragm, which may include spleen or extra lymphatic site.

Stage 4- Disseminated foci or multiple extra lymphatic organs or tissues with or without lymphatic involvement can be seen in this disease. The top hospitals for Hodgkin's disease treatment in India can be approached for attaining the best results

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are the two treatment methods used as an initial step. Laparotomy is also performed in certain cases. Radiotherapy is the treatment of choice when the disease is confined to a single or two contiguous node bearing areas. Chemotherapy is the best choice in managing the disease at it's third stage. Staging laparotomy is done I’m case of clinical staging of Hodgkin's disease. The cost of Hodgkin's disease in India iscomparativelyaffordable than the contemporaneous countries.

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